Countdown To WWE The Bash: The Preview Part 1

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

What's good, wrestling heads? Welcome to Countdown To The Bash: The Preview Part 1. This is my preview for the upcoming pay per view "The Bash" which is LIVE on Sunday June 28 on only on PPV.

This event will take place at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Calif. Call your local cable provider, DIRECTV, or Dish Network. Also you can order the webcast on 

For the next few minutes, I will go over my analysis of each match, rate each match from 1 star to 5 stars and give my reason behind the rating. The final ingredient is will give my prediction pf each match and why I chose the winner of each match.

Also thanks to Aranda with the song "WhyYouWannaBringMeDown," an official theme song for The Bash.

Thank you for stopping by and let's go breakdown the matches for The Bash:

The Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler - No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match

Since making his arrival to SmackDown by the Supplemental Draft, Ziggler has made an enemy out of the Punjabi Playboy. Now these two square off at The Bash in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match. So how did this feud come about between these two. 

Lately, Ziggler has had the advantage by outsmarting Khali. Several weeks ago, the cocky wrestler showed a side that was different from wanting to shake hands and introducing himself to the WWE superstars.

He got himself disqualified by attacking Khali numerous times with a steel chair. That's when the feud got personal after the merciless attack.

Then he used Khali's interpreter/manager Ranjin Singh as bait and lured Khali to the outside, throwing Singh to the giant.

That's when opportunity knocked when Ziggler beat the 10-count by leaping in for the win. The brains over brawn continued when Ziggler brought a steel chair to the ring.

However, Dolph slammed the chair on the canvas and threw the chair to Khali then pretending he was laid out. The referee caught Khali visibly with the chair and gave Ziggler the win by disqualification. 

Anything goes in this match, as rules won't apply between these two adversaries. However, the question is will Dolph continue his brilliance over Khali or will the Punjabi Playboy finally get his revenge? We'll find out at The Bash.

STAR RATING: 1, This is my least favorite match and it's waste for a PPV card. So if you don't wanna watch this, go cook something, water the grass, something. This is not worth the money.

PREDICTION: The Great Khali because the match doesn't favor Ziggler after what has happened in recent events. The Giant will finally beat Ziggler and end this feud. PLEASE END THIS FEUD!!

ECW Championship Scramble Match - Tommy Dreamer (C) vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Finlay vs. Mark Henry

Tommy Dreamer has been on cloud nine since winning the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules. With possibly his chances for the ECW title on the line for what could be his final match, Dreamer overcame the odd by beating Christian and Jack Swagger for the ECW title in a Hardcore Triple Threat Match. 

Good news is his contract has been extended by winning the title; bad news is he's the hunted. ECW GM Tiffany made the ECW Championship match official for The Bash.

However it's a ECW Championship Scramble Match and the odds are not good for the longtime ECW loyalist. His opponents are the former ECW champ Christian, Jack Swagger, Finlay and Mark Henry.

The last time the Championship Scramble Match took place was at Unforgiven with three respective belts from RAW, SmackDown and ECW on the line.

What's interesting about this match is that four of the five scramble combatants have worn the ECW belt. The only one that has never worn the prestigious title is Finlay.

Finlay is the wild card because he made his return to the Land of Extreme by making a statement: laying out Christian, Jack Swagger and ECW Champ Tommy Dreamer.

What's good for Finlay is he has experienced the scramble and so did Mark Henry, who looks to take back the ECW Championship. Last time he was champion was at Unforgiven in the ECW Championship Scramble Match.

With these five going at it for the title, who will win? Will Dreamer be able to retain the ECW title? Will Captain Charisma get his chance to regain the title?

What about the "All-American American" Jack Swagger, will the brash superstar become two-time ECW Champion?

Will the "World's Strongest Man" be dominant again by overcoming the scramble and winning the title?

And last, will the man who loves to fight finally earn his first ECW Championship.

The controversy behind the ECW Championship will take at The Bash.

STAR RATING: 3, It's not a bad match, but not must see.

PREDICTION: I'm a have to go with the man who loves to fight, Finlay.The pressure is gonna be on Dreamer to keep the belt on his waist and that's what favors Finlay.

I wanna see Finlay win a world championship, he's been in the wrestling industry for awhile and it would be a crowning achievement for him to win the ECW Championship for the first time ever.

WWE Women's Championship - Melina (C) vs. Michelle McCool

This rivalry has been brewing since WWE Women's Champion Melina has stepped foot on SmackDown. Finally Melina and McCool get a chance to settle it all over the WWE Women's Championship at The Bash.

Carrying the women's gold hasn't been smooth sailing for Melina. She faces an opponent in Michelle McCool who has developed an malicious side as of late, and it has earned her a shot to compete for the Women's title. She earned it by beating former WWE Women's & TNA Knockout Champ Gail Kim with the Faithbreaker.

History, which is unheard of these days in the new generation of Divas, would happen for McCool if she wins. Not only she would win the Women's title but she be would be the first woman in WWE history to win both the Divas and Women's title in her career. What's standing her way is Melina, who is willing to go through hell to keep the title. 

These two never faced each other in a one-on-one contest since Melina's arrival but it has been packed with intense action with these two in Tag Team matches.

McCool has an ally in Alicia Fox, a former ECW diva and since then Melina has been a victim of attacks. After beating Fox, Michelle attacked Melina by kneeing her face then made a promise to Melina that she will make history at The Bash.

Melina walks into this match not 100 percent after last night's tag match where she was kneed in the jaw by McCool.

The confrontation between these beautiful women will take place in the squared circle. Will Melina be in a good condition to hold on to the Women's belt or will Michelle make history at the expense of dethroning Melina? It all goes down at Sacramento with the Women's title up for grabs. 

STAR RATING: 3. Finally the divas will be on the card but it won't be the best match.

PREDICTION: Michelle McCool, because of the threat that she presents. Also Melina is not gonna be 100 percent because of her jaw. My money is on McCool because of her mental toughness, attitude, and athleticism. I would like to see history made.

Unified Tag Team Championship: The Colons (C) vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

The feud between the third-generation tag teams will come to a head at The Bash and it's all for the gold.

The Colons, who earned the Unified Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania 25 by defeating the tag team of Miz and Morrison, face their toughest challenge to date.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, who have done their dirty deeds by assaulting Triple H and severely injuring Batista under the maniacal leader of Legacy WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Now they get a chance to challenge Carlito and Primo for the Unified Tag Team Championship.

The Legacy cohorts earned their shot in a non-title tag team contest defeating the Colons to become the No. 1 contenders for the unified titles, but it wasn't enough.

See, Legacy was at ringside for commentary when the Colons faced off against another young generation of the Hart Dynasty on RAW.

After the match, they attacked the champions and threw them out of the ring, letting them know that their days as unified tag champs will come to an end at The Bash. 

Rhodes and DiBiase are no new kids on the block when it comes to winning championships. They held won the WWE Tag Team Championships not once, but twice.

The biggest accomplishment comes in Sacramento when they have a chance to win the United Tag Team belts, and it would be the first in the era of Legacy.

Can the Colons fight Legacy off and keep the titles, or will Rhodes & DiBiase join Orton with the belts around the waist? Watch The Bash for this anticipated Unified Tag Team Championship.

STAR RATING: 4. This match is one I wanna see with two of the best tag teams in the division today. Especially with the tag team division down in the WWE.

PREDICTION: I like The Colons but Legacy will win the Unified Tag Team Championship. Rhodes and DiBiase are on a mission and I think they can get it done. They have the experience, skill and cohesion to be atop of the tag team division.

I'm not done yet, later I will come back with Part 2. I'll breakdown the match between John Cena & The Miz, Intercontinental Championship vs. Mask Match between Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio, & World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.

Last but not least the 3 Stages From Hell Match for the WWE Championship between The "Legend Killer" Randy Orton and "The Game" Triple H. Thanks again for stopping by and Part 2 will come at you soon.


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