New York Mets Fall to Yankees But Defeat Scalpers

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

"Will you sign my magazine?"
"Aww, sure thing, sweetie. Who should I make it out to?"
"Well…uh…to eBay?"
"That's a popular name today!"

-From Futurama

New New York Mets Pitcher Turanga Leela meets her fans.


The Amazin’s were no match for the Bronx Bombers last night at Citi Field, but despite the defeat on the field, the Mets won a larger battle at the box office. 

The Mets have finally found a way to end ticket scalping as we know it, and all they had to do was price everyone out of the ballpark to do it. 

We have often complained that tickets to our favorite teams were too often gobbled up by brokers and scalpers and too difficult to get for a reasonable price. 

Well the Mets front office heard our cries and did something about it.  By charging scalper prices for every seat in the house, the Mets eliminated the middle man and have assured that any fan can walk up to the box office this weekend and purchase a ticket at the fan-friendly price of just $160 & up. 

There is one practical upside to this though.  Stubhub and eBay are now THE place to get Mets tickets for non-Subway Series games as people are realizing you can’t even get face value for Mets tickets and selling them off for whatever they can get. 

Way to go, Metsies! 

You have shown us that when you put your mind to it you can solve a problem that has plagued sports fans for all too long, and all you had to do to achieve it was become worse than the scalpers themselves.