NHL Salary Cap: $56.8 Million For 2009-2010

Patrick QuarryContributor IJune 27, 2009

MONTREAL - JANUARY 25:  NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly attends the NHL All Star Game at Bell Centre on January 25, 2009 in Montreal.  (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images for NHL)

On Friday June 26th, 2009 the NHL, through Bill Daly (above), has announced that the salary cap for the 2009-2010 season will increase by $100,000 to $56.8 million dollars.

This came after the salary cap was expected to decrease because of troubling economic times.

This also continues the pattern of the cap increasing after each season. The year after the lockout, (2005-2006) the cap was set at $39 million.

Now that the cap is set for next year, NHL General Managers have an idea of what to do in the off-season.

Also, now that bloggers know their team's available cap room, let the article writing begin!