The Robby Gordon and Michael Waltrip Show at New Hampshire

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IJune 27, 2009

Robby Gordon and Michael Waltrip are two of NASCAR's memorable drivers. 

Gordon for his take no prisoners attitude and driving style. Where as Waltrip is loved by fans for his outgoing personality and the ability to practically interview himself. 

Neither driver though, has had an all that memorable career. 

Gordon is mostly a threat on the series two road course events, Sonoma and Watkins Glen. Which to date are the scenes of his last Cup victories when he won both events in 2003.

Heading into New Hampshire this weekend Gordon has run 322 races with three wins, 35 top 10s and one pole. 

His fellow driver/owner Michael Waltrip almost has similar numbers. 

Waltrip's last win was also in 2003 at the October Talladega race, in fact all of Waltrip's four career wins have come on restrictor plate tracks. Three at Daytona and one at Talladega.

In 740 races Waltrip has four wins, 124 top 10s and four poles.

But it was in September of 2005 that Waltrip and Gordon became the faces of NASCAR for a few days. And it started a trend of the two of them always finding trouble at the Magic Mile.

During the September 18th running of the Sylvania 300, Waltrip ran into the back of Gordon coming off turn two.

The hard contact sent Gordon head on into the backstretch wall. As Waltrip drove by the following lap under caution, Gordon attempted to back his car into Waltrip's but ended up missing.

Have no fear though, because Robby Gordon had gear.

Gordon exited his car with helmet in hand and walked into the middle of the race track causing cars to swerve and miss him. Finding Waltrip he aimed, cocked and delivered a shot that landed on Waltrip's door before finally walking away and going to the ambulance. 

Gordon was physically fine, it was his ego and car that were bruised. 

Waltrip couldn't understand what the problem was. "Well that was just rude," he radioed. "It was his fault."

Gordon obviously didn't agree and he had one more point to make before heading to the house. 

"You know Michael, everyone thinks Michael is this good guy. He's not the good guy like he acts he is. The caution was out and he wrecked me and he's a piece of sh*$."

Needless to say the accident and those ensuing words put Gordon and Waltrip on the front pages the following week. 

They weren't done though.

A year later at the same track the two knocked doors coming off turn four after Waltrip got loose and bounced off of Gordon.

Later in that same race, however, Waltrip wasn't as lucky.

During a caution period with just three laps remaining, Waltrip ran into the back of Gordon in the same way and same place on the track as the year before. From Waltrip's on-board it would appear that Gordon just stopped or brake checked in front of him and Waltrip just kept going.

The No. 55 Napa machine needed a push to the garage since his nose and radiator were busted and fluid leaked all over the track. Gordon escaped with no damage and was no doubt grinning inside his helmet.

Since their New Hampshire hookups Gordon and Waltrip have gone back to their obsolete roles in NASCAR.

Both are still winless and struggling.

However, early this year the two spiced things up at Phoenix. Waltrip once again got loose and when trying to save his car, he slid up and put Gordon into the wall. 

Gordon as usual had nothing nice to say and told the TV audience that he was looking forward to having a new driver in the No. 55 car next year. 

Sunday the two drivers return to the scene of their first crime. And after the conclusion of the Lenox Industrial Tools 301, don't be surprised if Robby Gordon and Michael Waltrip once again steal the headlines.