15 Examples of Athletes Pouting

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15 Examples of Athletes Pouting
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Although it’s not usually a distinction worth making, there’s a fundamental difference between someone pouting and someone throwing a hissy fit—particularly in the sports world, in which both are generally demonstrative of poor sportsmanship. 

That being said, all displays of poor sportsmanship are not created equal. 

While throwing a hissy fit is rarely an advisable course of action, it can often be explained away as an emotional outburst which displays an athlete’s passion for the game. In fact, there have been plenty of times when pitching a fit was praised and/or admired—it can actually make a player more relatable.

The same cannot be said about pouting. There is, quite simply, no party more unpleasant than a pity party thrown by oneself, for oneself. And again, particularly in the sports world. Athletes are rich and famous and they get to play sports for a living—making it hard to feel their pain. 

Behaving like a child and pouting makes it damn near impossible to feel their pain. 

Here are 15 examples of athletes pouting.

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