Matt Barkley Zings Twitter Troll Who Compared His Throwing to 50 Cent's Pitch

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 28, 2014

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If you haven’t heard already, 50 Cent is not good at throwing baseballs. 

The rapper/mogul/sugar-water magnate attempted to toss out the first pitch at Tuesday night’s New York Mets game and missed everything but the ground. Naturally, Twitter trolls everywhere quickly fired up their quip machines and began mining the pop culture disaster for retweets.

One particularly intrepid UCLA fan decided to jump the curb with the 50 Cent blunder and go for a cross-sports crack at Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Matt Barkley...because everyone thinks about Matt Barkley all the time.

Nate Scott of For The Win (h/t Mike Dyce of FanSided) spotted the tweet.

It’s relatively innocuous, and it’s not like Barkley is going to go online, see it and—oh God, he saw it.


Indeed, Barkley saw the tweet and responded with his own brand of deep-sea trolling: a video of him spanking the Bruins as quarterback of the USC Trojans in 2011.

The Bruins fan responded with another video, but it was all over by then. 

Dyce and I give the troll credit. He at least came directly with his smack. 

“Give him some props for at least ‘at-ing’ Barkley and not subtweeting,” Dyce writes.

I’ll concede points for directness, but I’m scoring this one for Barkley, who has to deal with random jibes over happenings he had nothing to do with in other sports. He’s just trying to go to work, collect his paychecks and fade gracefully into a trivia-night question. Let him drift toward Bolivian in peace!

But such is the way of the world—trolls gonna troll, Barkley's gonna bark. And Sir Charles isn’t the only one with some bite.


Picture me trollin’.