Sheamus vs. Cesaro Should Continue After WWE Payback

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 28, 2014


Sheamus has been feuding with Cesaro in WWE.  Their recent heat is leading them to a showdown at Payback on Sunday, June 1 in a match for the United States Championship.

And despite who wins or loses, the fact is that the match will likely not be the last time the two Superstars meet.  Indeed, the rivalry between Sheamus and Cesaro should continue after the Payback pay-per-view goes in the books.

This feud has been more exciting than some fans perhaps believed it would be.  The main reasons for that are the abilities of both men and their different ring styles, which will surely make for an entertaining match at Payback.

Sheamus is the tough, Irish-born brawler.  His smashmouth routine has earned him the respect of many fans who appreciate what he brings to a match.  He may not be a technician in the ring, but he is a fighter, an approach that makes him one of the toughest men on the card.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
Sheamus vs. Alberto Del

And the best part about his style is that it meshes with anyone's. 

Sheamus can put on a good match with any Superstar because at the end of the day, all he wants to do is fight.  And now he is taking the fight to the newest Paul Heyman guy.

Cesaro's career has been on a definite upswing since aligning himself with WWE's evil genius.  The Superstar known as The Swiss Superman was doing well in Zeb Colter's Real American camp, which was where he began to truly get over.

But when Paul Heyman came knocking, Cesaro's star really began to rise.

Unlike Sheamus, Cesaro is definitely a technician in the ring, able to put on a five star match with anyone in the locker room.  So he does match up well against The Celtic Warrior.


And there's also the fact that both men bring an international flair to the company.  

That is part of WWE's allure: the fact that many of their top stars are foreign-born.  It brings variety, different cultures and unique characters to the fold.  This is definitely true in the cases of Sheamus and Cesaro, who are currently piquing the interest of the WWE faithful.

They have chemistry and look good in the ring together.  Then there's the fact that Cesaro and Sheamus are 33 and 36, respectively, which means that they still have plenty of time at the top of their games. They could even be feuding for the company's top championship at some point in the near future, and it would be a very believable rivalry.

Of course, adding to the entertainment value is Paul Heyman.  Heyman brings another aspect to this feud, one of supreme confidence and faith in his client.  He has elevated Cesaro to the point that fans truly believe in him and believe he can do great things in the company.

Paul Heyman

The feud with Sheamus may not be the ultimate destination for Cesaro, but it could be a very interesting chapter in his story—and this particular story should continue past Payback.

Despite who wins on June 1, there is likely enough heat between Sheamus and Cesaro for them to keep feuding.  That feud could go on until Money in the Bank and then perhaps conclude at Battleground with Cesaro winning the United States Championship.

The belt may not be what it once was in terms of overall importance, but for a guy like Cesaro who is on the way up it could mean everything.  A championship often does not make the man; the man makes the championship.  

So even though the U.S. title is not a world title, it could still be a very important trophy around the waist of WWE's rising Superstar.  Cesaro could make the belt important again: He could bring credibility to it due to the level of competition he has and his ability to put on a great match.

He could elevate the championship, as it in turn elevates him.

The rivalry between Sheamus and Cesaro is one that has really just begun and deserves more time to truly be fleshed out.  And no matter who wins when the two men face off at Payback, it's a rivalry that should continue well past that confrontation.