Analyzing Kane's Next Move After Destroying Daniel Bryan

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMay 28, 2014


Kane has been on a rampage in WWE.  Since the Director of Operations traded his three piece suit for his familiar dark gear and mask, he has been terrorizing the company like never before.  Kane's main target has been the current WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan, who at one point was his tag team partner.

Now, The Big Red Monster has been given credit for worsening Daniel's neck injury and putting him out with surgery.  So since Bryan is out of action, what's next for The Devil's Favorite Demon?

Many fans likely knew that Kane would eventually return to his old gimmick once again.  After all, the corporate role never seemed to suit him and his biggest success came under the hood.  His time with The Authority may have been a new breath of fresh air for his career but the fact is that the plan was probably always to put him back into the role of The Big Red Machine.

Kane and Daniel Bryan
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And it immediately struck a chord with WWE fans.

There is just something about seeing Kane in that character; menacing WWE Superstars and using his size and strength to intimidate anyone that gets in his way.  Kane is a heartless monster, bent on destruction and no one can stop him.

The way he's presented goes a long way to establishing that monstrous character.  The red lights, the fire, the ominous organ that fills the arena; it's all part of Kane's gimmick and it absolutely sets the tone for the carnage to come.

Much like his storyline brother The Undertaker, Kane has built a career on theatricality.  It's who he is, it's what he is.  Without those elements all coming together to build the foundation, Kane would quite simply not be Kane.

So when Stephanie McMahon questioned Kane's resolve and his very manhood on Monday Night Raw, fans were likely not surprised that it led to him donning the mask once again. Stephanie wanted the demon back and that's exactly what she got.

Kane was pointed in Daniel Bryan's direction and that's where he went.  He brought down the full force of his character, the darkness that he lives in, upon Daniel's head.  The Kane that Bryan once knew as the angry big man with good intentions was gone.  And in his place was the mindless beast with a thirst for blood.

Kane targeted not only Bryan but his wife Brie Bella and he was absolutely relentless about it.  Despite the fact that Bryan defeated him at Extreme Rules, Kane was like the indestructible evil that exists in horror films.  He was around every corner, ready to kill.  It was a throwback to Kane's old gimmick and it was very well received by the WWE faithful.

And the final nail in Daniel Bryan's coffin came on the May 12 Raw, when he was supposedly attacked off camera by Kane.  The assault took place after Daniel announced to the world that he would require neck surgery the following Thursday.

Kane was given credit for being part of the reason Daniel is now on the shelf.  That was likely done in order to further their heat, setting up a major showdown when Bryan finally does return to the fold.  But until that happens, what's next for Kane?

The truth is that Kane has never looked better from a storyline perspective.  He has a lot of momentum right now and the best way to continue that is to allow him to keep traveling his path of destruction. Considering that The Authority now seem to be in full control of him, they could likely use him in any capacity they wish.

Basically, Kane would become the man used as The Authority's enforcer.

It's a role that was held at one time by The Shield.  And since Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins turned babyface and began warring with Evolution, the enforcer role has been vacant.  What better man than Kane to step in and fill that void?

The Shield vs Evolution
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Of course depending on what happens with Daniel Bryan at Payback, Kane could be in the mix to become the new WWE World Champion.  

Bryan has been ordered by Stephanie to appear at the pay-per-view and reconsider his decision to not surrender the title to The Authority.  Considering his recent past with Kane, he will most likely come face to face with The Big Red Machine.

And the end result of that could be the industry's top championship becoming up for grabs. Could Kane's momentum possibly thrust him into the world title picture?

Perhaps Kane will have the opportunity to feud with another Superstar, someone who is stepping up in Daniel's absence.  John Cena would be a logical choice and if not for his feud with Bray Wyatt, he would almost certainly do the right thing and fight in Bryan's name.

Another choice that fans perhaps are not thinking of is The Undertaker.  The Deadman has not been seen since his loss at WrestleMania 30 to Brock Lesnar.  Could he return to make his brother pay for what he did to Bryan?

Another possibility and one that perhaps is too far out to even consider is CM Punk.  Punk has a history with Daniel and their careers have paralleled each other for quite a while.  Punk has had problems with Kane in the past and returning to speak up for Daniel could be the best way to get him over with a crowd who would be maybe less than thrilled to see him.

Kane basically has free reign to do whatever he wants to do at this point.  His return to the masked gimmick, combined with his destruction of Daniel Bryan, puts him in WWE's prime spotlight.  And whether it's at the service of The Authority as their enforcer, a possible shot at the championship or a substantial rivalry, Kane has the ability to get over even more than he is right now.