Debate: Who'll Have a Bigger Impact in 2014, Lee or Robinson?

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Debate: Who'll Have a Bigger Impact in 2014, Lee or Robinson?
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With the Jaguars drafting two WR in the second round, which WR will have a bigger impact in 2014, Marqise Lee or Allen Robinson?


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Man with half the comments saying Robinson and half saying Lee you know that both these guys will great Jags players for a long time to come. The futu...
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Robinson will have more TD but not as many yards because he will be more of a red zone target. Lee will have more yards because his speed and ability ...
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If Lee and Robinson can come close to Keen an McCarroll and Jimmy Smith in their primary does it really matter who gets more
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I think they will both have a good impact. That said, I think Robinson has the easier transition into the Jaguars offensive scheme.
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Robinson maybe more consistent game in and game out but Lee will be our highlight reel. If he can stay healthy those screens that ace sanders normally...
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