Oh yeah! Also, Jeremy Jeffress was suspended for 100 games for being a dumb f*ck

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 26, 2009

Holy sh*t, Jeremy Jeffress sucks. How stupid can one guy be? Whatever though, my sources have given me some inside information that this might give Barry St. Jello an opportunity for a position switch to SP. I am all for that, the scouts say his arm is like rubber. I am not really certain what that means, because I never use them - but I assume it’s good. It’s just aggravating, at a time when the Brewers pitching depth is meek (to say the least), to watch a promising player throw it all away like this. But, it’s probably not his fault. Let’s blame God. God, why did you have to make Jeremy’s life so hard? It’s just not fair. 

Haudricourt has the skinny on his blog if you even give a sh*t enough about this hack to read more.