Projecting How to Book the Shield Following Feud with Evolution

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2014


The members of The Shield are enjoying the brightest spell of their fledgling careers at this moment in time as they prepare to lock horns with Evolution once again at the upcoming Payback show.

After their magnificent effort at Extreme Ruleswhere all three members of the group delivered some of their strongest work to datethe onus is on them to deliver again at Payback.

First and foremost, you shouldn't worry too much about that. They are riding on a wave of fan adulation and popularity, so success against Evolutionin terms of the reactions they get from the fansis virtually guaranteed.

However, when that feud comes to an end, talk will immediately be concerned with how best to book The Shield over the coming months.

With a stable of three, it is always the easy option to book them in another six-man tag match. A resumption of the excellent rivalry between The Wyatt Family would be a smart avenue to explore and should certainly be considered when looking at how to book The Shield. However, it would be interesting to see some fresh ventures opened up after Payback.

With Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose all clearly capable of having runs as singles stars, it would be great to see two members of the group get behind the third in his quest to attain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

With the possibility of the title being vacant heading into Money in the Bank, you could have a realistic scenario where one member—or two, or even all threedeclares his intentions to go after the title.

They could all enter the Money in the Bank match to determine who gets a shot at the title at any chosen occasion, which would make spectacular viewing.

It would create an interesting subplot where all three men have a serious conflict of interest looking toward one of the most exciting pay-per-view events of the year, and it would be an environment where all three could seriously thrive.

With a split still surely on the horizon at some pointa topic that still creates plenty of debate amongst wrestling fansit would be interesting to see how the WWE plays out the solidarity that's been prevalent among the Hounds of Justice when the biggest prize in the company is up for grabs.

As exciting as The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family and The Shield vs. Evolution have been, it would be great to see The Shield move on to a new sort of dynamic. We've had plenty of teases in the past regarding just how realistic a split could be, and this would be the biggest yardstick yet.

The three Superstars continue to impress as the weeks and months go on, and if The Shield can pull off something completely different, then the trio's popularity is certain to go through the roof.