2014 Baseball Draft: TV Coverage, Order and More for Major League Event

Patrick Clarke@@_Pat_ClarkeCorrespondent IJune 3, 2014

May 21, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; A baseball sits on the field before the Pittsburgh Pirates host the Baltimore Orioles at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball will welcome a plethora of future superstars to the mix this coming weekend at the 2014 MLB draft, officially known as the first-year player draft. 

All 30 clubs will choose from the top eligible high school and college stars in an effort to build for the future and ultimately contend for a World Series title in the coming years.

With the first round set to get underway on Thursday night, here you'll find a complete breakdown of television coverage and the full draft order. 

When: Thursday, June 5 through Saturday, June 7

Watch: MLB Network, MLB.com

2014 MLB Draft Viewing Guide
DateEventTime (ET)Watch
Thu, June 5Rounds 1-27 p.m.MLB Network, MLB.com
Fri, June 6Rounds 3-101 p.m.MLB.com
Sat, June 7Rounds 11-401 p.m.MLB.com
2014 MLB Draft Order
Round 1Team
1Houston Astros
2Miami Marlins
3Chicago White Sox
4Chicago Cubs
5Minnesota Twins
6Seattle Mariners
7Philadelphia Phillies
8Colorado Rockies
9Toronto Blue Jay
10New York Mets
11Toronto Blue Jays
12Milwaukee Brewers
13San Diego Padres
14San Francisco Giants
15Los Angeles Angels
16Arizona Diamondbacks
17Kansas City Royals
18Washington Nationals
19Cincinnati Reds
20Tampa Bay Rays
21Cleveland Indians
22Los Angeles Dodgers
23Detroit Tigers
24Pittsburgh Pirates
25Oakland Athletics
26Boston Red Sox
27St. Louis Cardinals
28Kansas City Royals (for E. Santana)
29Cincinnati Reds (for Choo)
30Texas Rangers (for Cruz)
31Cleveland Indians (for Jimenez)
32Atlanta Braves (for McCann)
33Boston Red Sox (for Ellsbury)
34St. Louis Cardinals (for Beltran)
Competitive Balance Round ATeam
35Colorado Rockies
36Miami Marlins ( for Krook)
37Houston Astros (from BAL)
38Cleveland Indians 3
39Miami Marlins
40Kansas City Royals
41Milwaukee Brewers
Round 2Team
42Houston Astros
43Miami Marlins
44Chicago White Sox
45Chicago Cubs
46Minnesota Twins
47Philadelphia Phillies
48Colorado Rockies
49Toronto Blue Jays
50Milwaukee Brewers
51San Diego Padres
52San Francisco Giants
53Los Angeles Angels
54Arizona Diamondbacks
55New York Yankees
56Kansas City Royals
57Washington Nationals
58Cincinnati Reds
59Texas Rangers
60Tampa Bay Rays
61Cleveland Indians
62Los Angeles Dodgers
63Detroit Tigers
64Pittsburgh Pirates
65Oakland Athletics
66Atlanta Braves
67Boston Red Sox
68St. Louis Cardinals
Competitive Balance Round BTeam
69Arizona Diamondbacks (from SD)
70Arizona Diamondbacks
71St. Louis Cardinals
72Tampa Bay Rays
73Pittsburgh Pirates
74Seattle Mariners
Round 3Team
75Houston Astros
76Miami Marlins
77Chicago White Sox
78Chicago Cubs
79Minnesota Twins
80Seattle Mariners
81Philadelphia Phillies
82Colorado Rockies
83Toronto Blue Jays
84New York Mets
85Milwaukee Brewers
86San Diego Padres
87San Francisco Giants
88Los Angeles Angels
89Arizona Diamondbacks
90Baltimore Orioles
91New York Yankees
92Kansas City Royals
93Washington Nationals
94Cincinnati Reds
95Texas Rangers
96Tampa Bay Rays
97Cleveland Indians
98Los Angeles Dodgers
99Detroit Tigers
100Pittsburgh Pirates
101Oakland Athletics
102Atlanta Braves
103Boston Red Sox
104St. Louis Cardinals
Supplemental RoundTeam
105Miami Marlins (for DeLuzio)
Rounds 4-40Team
Houston Astros
Miami Marlins
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs
Minnesota Twins
Seattle Mariners
Philadelphia Phillies
Colorado Rockies
Toronto Blue Jays
New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Angels
Arizona Diamondbacks
Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees
Kansas City Royals
Washington Nationals
Cincinnati Reds
Texas Rangers
Tampa Bay Rays
Cleveland Indians
Los Angeles Dodgers
Detroit Tigers
Pittsburgh Pirates
Oakland Athletics
Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox
St. Louis Cardinals

Prospects to Know

Brady Aiken, LHP, Cathedral Catholic High School, California

While left-handed ace Brady Aiken isn't necessarily the consensus favorite to go No. 1 overall this June, he's certainly at the very top of multiple draft boards this summer, as noted by A1PerformanceGroup.com's Mike Carney:

The 6'3", 210-pound teenager has committed to UCLA and appears to have a tremendous feel for the position in addition to boasting superb athleticism. 

According to MLB.com, Aiken's fastball is routinely in the 92-94 mph range: "He commands his fastball well and throws all three of his pitches for strikes. He gets good depth on his curveball and keeps hitters off balance with his changeup, which usually comes in around 10 mph slower than his fastball."

The Houston Astros will select No. 1 overall for the third consecutive year this summer, and while it wouldn't be a shock to see them take any one of the top three pitchers available, few would be surprised if they settled on Aiken.

Carlos Rodon, LHP, NC State

Another left-handed stud sure to come off the board early in Round 1 is North Carolina State ace Carlos Rodon, who possesses a stellar fastball and a dominant slider.

According to MLB.com, Rodon can reach 97 mph on his fastball and his slider often reaches the mid-80s.

At 6'3", 235 pounds, Rodon already possesses the ideal frame to become a reliable No. 1 option down the road. Durability shouldn't be a concern and if he can improve his changeup, and he'll have more than enough in his arsenal to terrorize opposing batters in the big leagues. 

Although a slightly disappointing junior campaign with the Wolfpack threatens Rodon's shot at going No. 1 overall, his skill set and overall potential make him a strong candidate for the Astros at the top of the board.

Bradley Zimmer, OF, San Francisco

It's not all about the top pitchers this summer. One of the elite outfielders available in 2014 is San Francisco's Bradley Zimmer, whose older brother Kyle, a pitcher currently working his way up through the Kansas City Royals organization, was selected fifth overall two years ago.

Zimmer's bat is arguably his greatest weapon as he recognizes pitches quickly and is able to capitalize with a gorgeous swing. But Zimmer is every bit as effective defensively, where his speed and strong arm make him an asset in the outfield.

Recently, Bradley talked about the prospects of one day facing off against his brother in the majors, per MLB.com's Alex Espinoza:  

"We've joked about it here and there. I'm sure if that ever occurred, I'd get one high and tight, or he'd throw it off the backstop or whatever. But that would be pretty cool, I think, to someday match up against him on the big stage."

Having already watched his brother go through the grueling draft process, Zimmer could have an upper hand on his fellow prospects. But regardless, his talent is sure to take him places. 

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