How Mexico Will Line Up Against Ecuador in International Friendly

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2014

How Mexico Will Line Up Against Ecuador in International Friendly

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    Mexico are ready to face Ecuador after defeating Israel in a friendly at the Estadio Azteca, which was also the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to El Tri legend Cuauhtemoc Blanco. 

    Miguel Herrera experimented a bit with his players. He sent Andres Guardado as the central midfielder, since Hector Herrera caught a stomach bug at the last minute.

    He also put Carlos Salcido as a centre-back. Salcido looked well inside the box, despite being a natural left-back.

    Herrera will continue to try his options against Ecuador before he makes up his mind regarding his starting XI.


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    Guillermo Ochoa

    The former Ajaccio player will take over the goal. Ochoa is competing with Jesus Corona for the starting position.

    Corona played against Israel until Francisco Rodriguez accidentally hit him on the head and had to leave the pitch.

    Against Ecuador Ochoa has the chance to convince Herrera that he is the real deal.

    His technique and experience are well-proven. The only thing Ochoa doesn't do much is coming out from his goal with the ball on his feet, a characteristic that Herrera has always appreciated in a goalkeeper.


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    Andres Guardado

    El Principito has become a flexible player who can take an offensive role as a winger or provide safety as a left-back.

    In the previous game, he took over the center of the pitch and struggled a bit, which is understandable since he has never played as a defensive midfielder.

    He will have a tough task against Ecuador, because Miguel Layun has proven to be in great shape.


    Hector Moreno

    He missed the previous friendly because he joined the team four days before the match. However, Moreno is one of the footballers who will play every World Cup game. He is one of the most consistent Mexicans abroad.

    Moreno is bold, tough and has a fantastic ball possession. He can distribute the ball easily and with superb accuracy.


    Rafael Marquez

    He will wear the captain's armband. Marquez's experience will be very valuable at Brazil, and during the preparation games, he will help his teammates settle down.

    He is the leader of the back line, which happens to be very important in Herrera's 5-3-2 system. But Marquez will also be the guy in charge of slowing things down when the squad is in distress.


    Francisco Rodriguez 

    He has to prove a lot. His performance against Israel was far from impressive mostly because he seems to be out of shape.

    El Maza has one last chance to make an impact on the team, or he can kiss goodbye his chance to start a game in Brazil. Diego Reyes is in a better place right now, despite his lack of playing time with Porto.


    Paul Aguilar

    He has already secured the starting position on the right flank. Herrera knows him from their days with Club America, and as soon as he got the job as Mexico manager, he capped Aguilar.

    He is great with long runs to the goal line, from where he can send a cross to the box or dribble to get into the box and shoot from close range.


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    Luis Montes

    He recently won the Liga MX title with Leon. Montes is the kind of midfielder who can attack at ease, but he also helps the defense when it needs support.

    His fine touch is a fantastic resource in set pieces and long-distance shots. His dribbling skills are great, which allows him to get to the goal line, providing depth to the team.


    Hector Herrera

    He played in this position against Nigeria, and he did it in style. Although he can play as a right midfielder, Herrera has a lot to offer as the commander of the team.

    He is fast and creative, which generates goal opportunities, but he is also a good defender, and that makes him a great link.

    His ball distribution is sharp, and if he manages to keep the ball a little bit longer, he will make the starting XI at Brazil.


    Carlos Pena

    Arguably one of the most complete players on the team. Pena is a beast in the center of the pitch. Some of his most powerful weapons are creativity, ball distribution and strength.

    He is very unbalancing and can very well create a play or finish it. He can shoot from outside the box or at close range. He should be a starter in every single game.


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    Giovani Dos Santos

    He is set to play his first match under Herrera's command. Dos Santos couldn't join the team for the Nigeria friendly because he was injured.

    He will play in his natural position with El Tri after almost a year. Jose Manuel de la Torre, Luis Fernando Tena and Victor Manuel Vucetich put him on the right flank.

    Now, Dos Santos has the chance to play behind the striker, which will allow him to surprise the goalkeeper, and he will also open the game by feeding balls to the midfielders.


    Oribe Peralta

    El Hermoso is always fighting for the ball and trying to score on every chance he has. Peralta has become one of the most valuable players for El Tri because he is not only one of the players who creates better and more goal options, he also helps the team in other ways.

    Peralta knows where the wingers and flying full-backs are located on the pitch, so when he doesn't stand a chance at scoring, he simply passes the ball to whomever has a better shot at making a difference in the game.

The Rest of the Team

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    The bench will look like this:

    Goalkeepers: Jesus Corona and Alfredo Talavera

    Defenders: Miguel Layun, Carlos Salcido, Diego Reyes and Miguel Ponce

    Midfielders: Marco Fabian, Isaac Brizuela and Jose Juan Vazquez

    Forwards: Javier Hernandez, Raul Jimenez and Alan Pulido