Thunder Bob: 'Just Win' Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Becomes Postseason Legend

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 26, 2014

Image via @TNT

Forget Serge Ibaka, Russell Westbrook and the league MVP. This is your hero, Oklahoma City.

Thunder fans didn’t have much hope coming into Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, but just when the night seemed darkest, a caped crusader came to their rescue.

This individual showed up at Chesapeake Energy Arena on Sunday night with a cloak and a message on his chest: “Just Win.”

And win they did. 

The Thunder, reinforced by a limping but effective Ibaka, chalked up a convincing 106-97 win over San Antonio. Experts are pointing to the Thunder’s 7-footer as the reason for the team’s resurgence, but none of this would’ve been possible if it were not for this man and his painted body.

Sean Leahy of Yahoo Sports called him "Hard Times Rick Nash."

For the lack of a real name, I dub this man Thunder Bob: first of his name, king of the mezzanine and protector of the home court.

TNT / Tumblr

Naturally, Thunder Bob celebrated his team’s victory by donning a mask and embracing Shaquille O'Neal, a fellow nobleman and league legend.

Worry not, good sir. We won’t out your true identity to the general public. Heroes of this caliber should remain anonymous.

I like to picture Thunder Bob as the most regular of Joes—a guy who walked into his job at Initech on Monday morning and none of his co-workers were any the wiser. He’s a clip-on-tie-wearing number-cruncher by day and a shirtless franchise savior by night.

All hail Thunder Bob. May his just and honorable reign last throughout the postseason and into eternity.


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