Gus Johnson, on Why Soccer Is Better Than Basketball

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Gus Johnson, on Why Soccer Is Better Than Basketball
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Gus Johnson has one of the great American voices. When he announces a game, his commentary rumbles and rumbles and then, as the drama hits a peak, he POPS—or, EXPLODES. If you weren't so overcome with emotion, you might be concerned about his oxygen intake. As a lifetime basketball fan, he was a natural for calling the thrills of March Madness, which he announced for fifteen years. He's also done play-by-play for the NBA and football; in college, he played baseball. But a little over a year ago, he defected from the Big Three American Sports to... soccer. The most doctrinaire of Americanized sports fans might call it treachery. And come this Saturday, he'll be calling the final game of the world's most important professional soccer tournament, the Champions League (2:45 EST, on Fox), which might be up against a playoff game from his old orange-leather love. And so we asked him...

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