Its Superbowl Or Busted For The Philadelphia Eagles

francis vetterContributor IJune 26, 2009

Every year after the Eagles final game of the season  i sit back and cry and moan about everything we didnt do. Who we didnt sign or trade for.What plays we didnt make and whose fault it was.I blamed it on jimmy johnson for getting out smarted and out coach by a younger Offensive coordinator Todd Haley and a aging  QB Kurt Warner who seemed to be a step ahead of every blitz and zone defense we had to throw at them.I blamed never having a Great receiver for a top 5 Qb in the nfl Donovan mcnabb.This year i hear alot of people picking us has a favorite to come out of the Nfc and it seems every year were in the talk for the favorite.. and i wonder why.We didnt get any proven Receivers inspite of the bodies that were out there willing too sign with the eagles.This is what im getting at if we do not make a stronger push then the NFC championship game i believe we go into rebuilding Lose are franchise QB westbrook would be finished and lose are coach...We have this respect and faith because are Quarterback who gets booed and hated on in philly goes out and out peforms teams with better talent then he has and who carries us to the nfc championship every year he is heatly.So superbowl or bust for for mcnabb and the eagles!