The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT (5/22/14)

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2014

The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT (5/22/14)

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    The final NXT before Takeover saw the departure of one of the brand's top stars and the escalation of a rivalry that is in its infancy.

    Bo Dallas said goodbye to the show he reigned over for years following a loss to Big E. He was greeted with insults and boos on his way out and remained as delusional as ever as he left Full Sail University for the last time.

    Tyson Kidd interrupted Adrian Neville's post-match celebration and found himself on the receiving end of an insult that eluded to his wife Natalya's more substantial resume. That line alone should increase anticipation and heat for their match at Takeover.

    Speaking of Natalya, she advanced to the finals of the Women's Championship tournament by way of her victory over Sasha Banks. It is the ever-growing dissension between Banks and fellow BFF Charlotte that bares watching, however.

    With Adam Rose and Divas champion Paige returning to the show, it promised to be an eventful one.

    What was good, great and awesome about this week's broadcast?

    Find out now.

The Good

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    Natalya vs. Sasha Banks and BFF Dissension

    The semifinals of the Women's Championship Tournament wrapped up Thursday night as Natalya knocked off Sasha Banks to earn the second spot in next week's final.

    The match was rather brisk, limiting the overall quality, but it was the growing dissension among the BFFs that was most interesting and could affect NXT well into the future.

    Prior to Thursday's match, a pre-taped promo featuring Charlotte aired. In it, she seemed less than thrilled with the idea of facing Sasha in the finals. She made backhanded remarks about her partner and finished by disingenuously wishing her luck.

    During the match itself, Renee Young eluded to a conversation she had with Sasha in which Banks indirectly blamed Charlotte for her recent losses, telling Young that she only started losing after Charlotte returned from vacation.

    Charlotte physically rolled Sasha back into the ring, inciting a disagreement and leading to Banks' loss.

    With Natalya unlikely to stick around NXT on a full-time basis past Takeover, and Paige and Emma now members of the main roster, the feud between Sasha and Charlotte could be relied on to carry the Women's Championship scene as the division rebuilds.

    Adam Rose vs. Camacho

    Adam Rose defeated Camacho Thursday night in a match that was better than it had any right to be.

    The count-out finish may not have been ideal, but it set up next week's NXT Takeover match, a bout Rose should be a heavy favorite in.

    If this week's broadcast taught us anything, it is that Rose remains more over in front of the NXT fans than the crowds that show up for Raw and SmackDown shows. Why that is the case remains somewhat of a mystery. For whatever reason, the character simply has not translated to that audience.

    Next week's match will be a pivotal one for Camacho, who is enjoying his greatest exposure to date. For Rose, it will be another opportunity for him to prove he is more than just theatrics and cool entrance music.

The Great

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    Big E vs. Bo Dallas

    Former Intercontinental champion Big E returned to NXT to take on former rival Bo Dallas in a special "Go Big or Go Home" match.

    E defeated Dallas, ending his NXT career in accordance with the pre-match stipulation. The match was a well-wrestled one between two guys who had clearly wrestled one another on countless occasions before.

    The finish was especially great, as Bo exposed a turnbuckle in hopes of using it against E, just as he had when he captured the NXT Championship from the former power lifter nearly two years ago. Unfortunately for Dallas, the underhanded tactic backfired on Dallas and led to his demise.

    The logic of Dallas leaving NXT to debut on the main roster serving as some sort of punishment is flawed, to say the least, but the match itself was a great way to end Dallas' time with the brand he had been a key part of for years.

    Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

    At Extreme Rules, Paige and Tamina wrestled an incredibly underrated match. Thursday night, Paige went up 2-0 against the second-generation Diva.

    In the match, Paige overcame a very determined Tamina, a back wrecked with pain and a nasty spill to the arena floor to end the match with her arm raised in victory, courtesy of an inside cradle.

    The match will have no lasting effect on NXT, but it showcased Paige, who is rapidly developing a type of resiliency that sets her apart from the rest of the female roster.

    A ferocious competitor whose intensity is unmatched by her peers, Paige has the opportunity to become the first breakout star of the women's division since Trish and Lita over a decade ago.

The Awesome

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    Kidd and Neville: The Final Showdown

    Tyson Kidd may have interrupted Adrian Neville's post-match celebration, but it was Neville who got the last word, a knockout blow of sorts that will undoubtedly play with Kidd's psyche ahead of his shot at redemption and the NXT Championship at next week's Takeover.

    After listening to Kidd's rant about using the NXT title to help resurrect his career, Neville delivered quite the insult. Natalya, he claimed, would the only member of the Kidd family to leave Takeover with a championship, "as usual."

    That one line added a personal element to the feud and should fuel Kidd to prevent from being the subject of an insult like the one Neville hit him with Thursday night.

    A great way to close out this week's show and put heat on the main event of Takeover.

    Bo Dallas' Post-Match Meltdown

    Knowing that Bo Dallas was on his way out of NXT, one expected a sendoff of epic proportions, and that is exactly what this week's show delivered.

    After losing to Big E, Dallas screamed in protest of the stipulation, begging the audience, "Please don't leave me." He threw a major fit at ringside, then addressed the fans who had despised him for years.

    "You stink," was about as hard-hitting as his insults got. He answered their chants of "Bo-LEAVE" with "No, you leave" before "being the bigger man" and leaving to a chorus of boos.

    The whole ordeal was comedic genius and an absolutely superb way for Dallas to say goodbye to his harshest of critics.