Borussia Dortmund Release Bold Anti-Racism Video

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterMay 23, 2014

Borussia Dortmund have taken their stand against racism in a very bold way. 

In an anti-racism video released by the German club, a group of Neo-Nazis feel karma's wrath by means of mostly unfortunate bounces of the ball on the pitch. 

At the bottom of the video, Dortmund state the following

Borussia is a melting pot of all nationalities and cultures on and off the pitch! 

We at BVB make our position unequivocally clear. 

We will not tolerate any far-right disposition in our stadium. 

Intimidation and discrimination have no place at our ground. 

Should anyone have the misguided belief that they can misuse our propaganda, then they should be in no doubt: The schwarzgelb family will stand firm against them! 

It is the only way we can rid our stadia of such attitudes. Nazis and football do not go together! 

[YouTube, h/t Who Ate all the Pies]