Darren McFadden To Break Out In 09

Holdon JohnsonCorrespondent IJune 26, 2009

last year McFadden was plague by a toe injury that he hurt versus the chiefs. But during that game he put up a very nice game with a 164 yards on the ground carrying the raiders to their first win of the season. I think he hurt his toe on the big run he had and was caught from behind from a chief defender that shouldn't have could McFadden. Every other game he didn't get as many carries and fargas was back from his injury, also bush was starting to get a few more carries. you can tell that McFadden wasn't that same because he was as elusive and his cuts werent a fluent as they were. His wasn't as fast and that pretty much killed his rookie season but on the bright side he still averaged 4.4 yards a carry and had just under 500 rushing yards. This year i expect him to be more involved whether he is in the backfield on lining up in the slot or using the wildcat. as long as this guy is on the field he is a threat to score every time and the defense has to take that into account. So i expect for him to have 800-900 rushing yards and 300-400 catching yards and around 10 touchdowns between rushing and catching. If he just plays the way we know he can i expect the raiders to finish at 8-8 or 9-7 this season.