Daniel Bryan's Feud with Kane Must End Following His Return from Injury

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 23, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

One thing is abundantly clear: The risible and ridiculous Kane vs. Daniel Bryan feud must be dropped as soon as Bryan returns from his neck injury.

The rivalry, which began after WrestleMania XXX, has done Bryan and his WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign no favors whatsoever, with the booking often making him look foolish, cowardly and inept.

His wife, Brie Bella, hasn’t looked particularly good with her involvement in this program either, her not-exactly-sterling thespian talents coming under scrutiny. Personally, I haven’t seen such bad and unconvincing acting since Denise Richards in The World is Not Enough.

In fairness to the Total Divas cast member, the material isn’t very good, and it’s possible even the most gifted of performers would struggle to react convincingly when faced with Kane attempting to jump on top of their rental car and/or dragging them to hell through a magical portal in the ring.

Maybe Brie should be given some credit just for managing to keep a straight face through all of this?

Credit: WWE.com

Even Kane hasn’t been helped by this dire program.

Oh, he’s been involved with even worse storylines than this (Katie Vick, anyone?), but this whole angle has solidified him as someone who should really be kept out of the main event scene.

The bookers just can’t resist with him; they have to infuse his feuds with nonsensical, over-the-top storytelling and hammy acting. That may have its place in wrestling—everyone needs a so-bad-it's-good laugh from an angle once in a while—but the title picture isn’t it.

Credit: WWE.com

Another big argument for ending the rivalry as soon as possible is that WWE has an abundance of more suitable challengers for Bryan right now. It doesn’t have to feature Kane in a prominent role; other stars are available.

Thanks to victory in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, as well as his new professional association with Paul Heyman, midcard heel Cesaro has been gaining notice.

Credit: WWE.com

Why not have him feud with Bryan over the summer? Just think about how great the matches between the pair would be. They’re easily the two best technical wrestlers on the roster. All the company has to do is let them go out there—the results would be thrilling.

And Paul Heyman on the mic hyping things up makes any program must-see TV.

Even if WWE doesn’t elect to go with Cesaro, the likes of Sheamus, Brock Lesnar or Mark Henry would also be perfectly suitable candidates. Basically, anyone is better than Kane. Yes, even Santino.

Ideally, Bryan’s first bout back from his injury will be a program-ending match with Kane, which should see him go over spotlessly clean, thus bringing a merciful end to this whole sorry saga. There is really no need for it to continue into the summer.