Cesaro Will Lose Momentum Without a Bigger Push

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 23, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

While Cesaro may have seen his profile rise greatly over the last two months, he is currently at significant risk of going stale if WWE doesn't move forward with him soon.

The future looked blindingly bright for the Swiss wrestler after he won the heavily hyped Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX and then began a professional relationship with manager Paul Heyman the following night on Raw. Getting him away from the tired, dull “Real Americans” stable could only be considered a good thing, too.

Since then he’s been booked decently by WWE, but really, it’s hard to argue that the 33-year-old’s momentum hasn’t stalled somewhat.

Cesaro should be mixing things up with the main eventers and vying for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, not lingering around in the midcard and engaging in meaningless fueds.

He’s clashed with former teammate Jack Swagger a few times since WrestleMania XXX. He competed in the recent Intercontinental Championship tournament but didn’t get very far, losing to Rob Van Damn via count-out in the semifinals. Over the past couple of weeks he’s faced off on television against Sheamus and Mark Henry in segments and matches.

Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, the former Ring of Honor performer hasn’t really been given anything to sink his teeth into.

His character direction leaves a lot to be desired, too: He’s a natural face, and the fans seem keen to cheer him, but he remains a heel—although he has shades of being a good guy at certain points. It’s a little confusing.  

Again, this isn’t disastrous, and he’s still in a far better position now than he was this time last year. But, come on. Why hasn’t he moved up the card?

Credit: WWE.com

WWE clearly has faith in him—it wouldn’t have assigned an asset like Heyman to him if it didn’t believe he could be a big star one day—but it still seems reluctant to go all the way with him.

Why isn’t Cesaro the one competing for Daniel Bryan’s belt? Why did Kane—an overexposed comedy performer that has done virtually everything he can do in the company—get the nod over him?

Can you imagine if Cesaro had spent the last six weeks feuding with Bryan instead? We would have been spared all those dreadful Brie/Kane/Bryan segments, for a start.

After making such progress in early April it would be unfortunate to see Cesaro sink back to the lower midcard doldrums.

However, if WWE’s bookers continue to tread water with the star, there is a very significant risk of it happening. For Cesaro's sake, as well as the company’s future, he needs to be promoted to the main event scene soon.