For the Win: The Coolest Stuff of the Week

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 23, 2014

For the Win: The Coolest Stuff of the Week

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    You guys know the drill.

    Friday is my day for recapping the best of the weird sports stuff we saw over the last six-and-a-half days. This week Hugh Jackman, Rocky GIFs and UFC wedding announcements are winning the Internet and sports in general. 

    Take off those shoes and crack a cool one if you've got 'em. We're going into this weekend with wins.

Bruce Buffer Introduces Michael Bisping and Wife at Wedding

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    Weddings are awful. Well, three quarters of every wedding is awful. 

    You sit, wait and then wait some more as the elderly walk hand in hand with goofy teenage boys down the aisle. Until that first swig at the reception, the only fun to be had is quietly judging the venue/relatives/and bride and groom to be. 

    The whole process could use a shot of life, which is exactly what Michael Bisping did for his marriage this week. In a move that will forever change the way sports fans go about planning their own ceremonies, the UFC middleweight brought in ring announcer Bruce Buffer to introduce him and his bride before their nuptials.

Bubba Watson's Backward Mini Golf Shot

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    Bring out the video truthers! We've got something fun that can't be appreciated!

    Bubba Watson gave the world joy by nailing a 60", backward shot at Disney's Fantasia Mini Golf Course on Thursday night, and now people are trying to say it was edited. 

    You know what? I'm buying in hole-ham. Watson pulled it off, and I will go the grave with my glass half full. Don't ruin me with your SCIENCE!

Brian Gibbons Scores Most Insane Goal of the Postseason

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    In some countries, taking advantage of others in this sort of profane manner carries prison time.

    Brian Gibbons did terrible things to the Providence Bruins on Wednesday night. The sometimes Pittsburgh Penguins center continued playing hockey after his team's exit from the NHL playoffs, choosing to skip back to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins for some AHL postseason action.

    As you can see, Gibbons' time in the big leagues is bearing fruit—large, pendulous fruit he need be careful not to skate over.

Hugh Jackman Calls out John Cena

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    Hugh Jackman appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter this week to promote his new movie but took a segue into the world of WWE hype-man monologues with an open announcement to John Cena.

    Jackman called himself the "Flying Aussie" and wandered into the darkness to properly issue his threat.

    "I’m the Flying Aussie and I’m coming off that top rope,” Jackman said. “See how I’m dark now? You’re not going to see me coming! It’s going to be like this, John Cena!"

The Best GIF of All Time

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    GIF via @KennyDucey

    Whoever made this deserves lifetime membership in the "Bacon of the Month" club.

    That's how happy this Rockey-ized GIF of the Western Conference Finals makes me. It's flawlessly executed and serves as the perfect metaphor for the bloodbath this series has turned into.

    It's Apollo vs. Drago all over again, and the Spurs will not rest until OKC is immobilized and spasming on the ground.

Hero Cat Throws out 1st Pitch

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    Hero Cat, also known as Tara the tabby, shoulder-slammed her way to Internet stardom this month after saving a toddler from murder-by-Chow-mix earlier this month. 

    My editor demands I now show you this occurring.

    Since then, Tara has appeared for a number of public engagements, among them being a first-pitch ceremony at a Bakersfield Blazers game. It was a shameless publicity grab for both the cat's owners and the team, but adorable as far as shameless publicity grabs go.

    It also gave us the answer to the old question "How would a feline sling a baseball?" The answer: Not too well.

Brett Hundley Throws Footballs in Kids' Faces

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    Hear that? No, you don't.

    That's because Brett Hundley's justice is a silent spiral whipping through the air with the intent of teaching you a lesson in campus safety. The UCLA quarterback teamed up with Luke Gane to make a goofy video showing how the university would run if it went about policing every rule in the book.

    There's a lot of football-to-face action and even more screaming. We tryin' to breathe well out here, guh.

Dodgers Destroy Children in Dodgeball

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    Drew Butera and Dee Gordon weren't out to make friends when they stepped into the dodgeball court Monday.

    The two Los Angeles Dodgers showed no mercy while playing against a flock of students from the Grace Church School in New York City. Butera went particularly hard, nailing one kid in the ribcage and all but assuring the youngster will grow up needing trigger warnings before watching any media involving round objects.

And the Winner Is...

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    There can only be one highlander, and this week's winner is hands-down the Gregg Popovich vs. Kevin Durant Rocky GIF.

    We see a lot of GIFs around here, most of them hastily made and short. This is a Mona Lisa among finger paintings. 


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