Clubs Unite as Football League Launches Initiative for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Liam Newman@@thatliamnewmanContributor IMay 23, 2014

Photo by: Charles Bowman/Robert Harding /AP Images
Charles Bowman/Robert Harding/Associated Press

The Football League has announced a new initiative in hope of raising national awareness of prostate cancer.

From the start of next season, all 72 Sky Bet Football League clubs will include the well known Man of Men logo on the number printing of their player shirts. It is a scheme that will see the symbol worn over 60,000 times throughout the course of the season.

With all teams from the Championship, League One and Two behind the proposal, the Football League confirmed the news, via its official website and social media accounts.

Meanwhile, the Football League’s chief executive, Shaun Harvey said:

The Football League is delighted to make this extensive commitment to helping Prostate Cancer UK tackle one of the biggest threats to men's health. Working together in this way will help save people's lives.

I hope it helps raise awareness of the important work they do and encourages more supporters to get a better understanding of the risk that prostate cancer poses.

With fans of all clubs also possessing the chance to show their support via the branded numbers on their replica tops, the logo could don millions of shirts nationwide and the partners are hopeful that the Men United v Prostate Cancer campaign will reach over 16 million people. It is also the first time that the entire league has come together in a movement of this ilk. 

The campaign is one that is supported by a number of celebrities from both in and out of football circles.

Prostate cancer will effect one in eight men during their lifetime and over 40,000 people contract the disease each year. Just last month, as per the Daily Mail’s Wills Robinson, Arsenal’s legendary goalkeeper Bob Wilson was diagnosed with the disease.

Support from the Football League is nothing new as manager, players and fans have all united to help raise awareness in recent times. However, this pioneering effort is bound to add further help to the cause.

To find out more on prostate cancer, visit their website at