WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of May 19

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 23, 2014

Hugh Jackman attends the
Charles Sykes/Associated Press

WWE's trip to Europe flavored much of its most intriguing social media of the week, but Paul Heyman forced his way onto the list as well.

Hugh Jackman calling out John Cena, Jim Ross calling a dunk and a partying bunny's past provided some of the other top tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos as well. In a week made somber at its end by memories of Owen Hart's passing 15 years ago, the electricity of U.K. crowds made it easier to focus on more pleasant thoughts.

Hart is featured in WWE's latest top-10 video.

His match with Davey Boy Smith is among the biggest WWE moments to ever happen in front of a European crowd. The video also takes us back to a classic Ladder match, William Regal winning the Intercontinental Championship and, of course, the main event of SummerSlam 1992.

The inspiration for this compilation was WWE's tour of Europe this week. It comes at a great time in that Paige, Sheamus and Bad News Barrett (all from either England or Ireland) are all champions.

WWE's photographers caught striking images of two of those titleholders.

Sheamus returned to Dublin, and WWE's shot of him on Instagram is an attention-grabber. There are definitely some easy pale jokes to make here, but what is more interesting is the fact that the photo makes him look otherworldly.

Photo from Instagram

Barrett's photo is a great contrast to that one. A backstage peek of him captures him focused and prepping for his big moment, complete with new "bad news" T-shirt.

Photo from Instagram

From earlier in the European trip, a collision with Randy Orton during a show in Glasgow left Reigns with a nasty gash over his eye. Although that happened last week, it gets a mention here thanks to Twitter user @TripleCross, who made a memorable observation about the wound.

It will be hard to forget Reigns' injury, just as it will be tough to ever forget Undertaker's surprise loss at WrestleMania.

There is no chance of that happening, though, as Heyman has spent much of his days since that event reminding the world of it. This time, he tweeted a fake movie poster featuring Ellis Mbeh—whose shocked reaction has since become famous—Brock Lesnar and, of course, Heyman himself.

Heyman wasn't the only one focused on the past. The bunny in Adam Rose's entourage contemplated his long history with John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

His tweet captures a shot of him and JBL during his Acolyte Protection Agency days.

JBL has since moved to the announce table. As funny as he is at times, he, Michael Cole and all future WWE commentators all have to work in J.R.'s shadow.

Ross' play-by-play could make a lawn-mowing video thrilling. Even if you take his famous call from King of the Ring 1998 and place it over a devastating dunk, the results are as awesome as expected.

Were Jackman to ever step into the ring with Cena, the best way to make it palatable would be to bring Ross out of retirement.

That's an odd match to dream up, but Jacksman's recent Cena-focused promo on ESPN has put it in fans' minds.

"The Flying Aussie" clearly has an appreciation for the art of pro wrestling. He's just weeks removed from showing up on Raw and tossing Damien Sandow to the mat. Jonathan Coachman, who is a WWE alum, couldn't contain himself during Jackman's rant.

He can only cackle in the background as Jackman creates a moment that is already spreading across the Internet.