World Cup Schedule 2014: Fixtures, Dates, TV Coverage and Live Stream Info

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World Cup Schedule 2014: Fixtures, Dates, TV Coverage and Live Stream Info
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The 2014 World Cup marks the 20th time countries from around the globe have gathered to determine which national team stands above the rest. It's a truly worldwide tournament on a scale few, if any, other sporting events can match.

Four years ago, it was Spain emerging with the coveted trophy. The dominant European side certainly earned the title by knocking off talented sides from Germany and the Netherlands over the final two rounds, highlighted by a thrilling 1-0 extra-time win in the final.

Now La Roja are back with hope of defending their title. The AFP (via The Advertiser) passed along comments from Andres Iniesta, who scored the goal that won the title for Spain in 2010, about the opportunity in front of them:

It is the greatest feeling of happiness, joy and pride to be able to score the goal and win a World Cup, which is something very few countries have won.

It was a beautiful thing and now we have the chance to defend it.

We are going with the intention to retain it. We know we have to go step by step because a World Cup is incredibly difficult, but I think we should be confident that we will be able to do something significant at the World Cup.

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Spain is among four top contenders heading into the tournament. Germany, Argentina and host nation Brazil are the other three. There's a solid group of secondary hopefuls with a chance to raise the trophy if everything falls perfectly, but that quartet is a step above the rest at the outset.

As for the United States, getting drawn into the "Group of Death" alongside Germany, Portugal and Ghana was a major setback. While it doesn't mean the team doesn't have a chance to advance, the journey is definitely a lot more difficult than expected.

Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann also dealt the fanbase a surprise by cutting all-time leading scorer Landon Donovan from the final roster. Ian Darke of ESPN summed up the thoughts of many:

Above all else, it should be an outstanding edition of the World Cup. From the high number of national teams with legitimate hopes of a deep run to the football-crazy host nation getting a chance to welcome the world, the elements are in place for a memorable month.

FIFA takes a lot of heat, and in many cases it's deserved. But one month every four years it puts on a spectacular showcase. This time should be no different. So let's check out the complete viewing schedule for all the action from Brazil.

2014 World Cup Schedule

All matches on ESPN or ESPN2 will be available on All matches on ABC will be available on

Dates and Coverage Info for 2014 World Cup
Date Time (ET) Group Match TV
June 12 4 p.m. A Brazil vs. Croatia ESPN
June 13 12 p.m. A Mexico vs. Cameroon ESPN2
June 13 3 p.m. B Spain vs. Netherlands ESPN
June 13 6 p.m. B Chile vs. Australia ESPN2
June 14 12 p.m. C Colombia vs. Greece ABC
June 14 3 p.m. D Uruguay vs. Costa Rica ABC
June 14 6 p.m. D England vs. Italy ESPN
June 14 9 p.m. C Ivory Coast vs. Japan ESPN
June 15 12 p.m. E Switzerland vs. Ecuador ABC
June 15 3 p.m. E France vs. Honduras ABC
June 15 6 p.m. F Argentina vs. Bosnia-H. ESPN
June 16 12 p.m. G Germany vs. Portugal ESPN
June 16 3 p.m. F Iran vs. Nigeria ESPN
June 16 6 p.m. G Ghana vs. USA ESPN
June 17 12 p.m. H Belgium vs. Algeria ESPN
June 17 3 p.m. A Brazil vs. Mexico ESPN
June 17 6 p.m. H Russia vs. South Korea ESPN
June 18 12 p.m. B Australia vs. Netherlands ESPN
June 18 3 p.m. B Spain vs. Chile ESPN
June 18 6 p.m. A Cameroon vs. Croatia ESPN
June 19 12 p.m. C Colombia vs. Ivory Coast ESPN
June 19 3 p.m. D Uruguay vs. England ESPN
June 19 6 p.m. C Japan vs. Greece ESPN
June 20 12 p.m. D Italy vs. Costa Rica ESPN
June 20 3 p.m. E Switzerland vs. France ESPN
June 20 6 p.m. E Honduras vs. Ecuador ESPN
June 21 12 p.m. F Argentina vs. Iran ESPN
June 21 3 p.m. G Germany vs. Ghana ESPN
June 21 6 p.m. F Nigeria vs. Bosnia-H. ESPN
June 22 12 p.m. H Belgium vs. Russia ABC
June 22 3 p.m. H South Korea vs. Algeria ABC
June 22 6 p.m. G USA vs. Portugal ESPN
June 23 12 p.m. B Netherlands vs. Chile ESPN
June 23 12 p.m. B Australia vs. Spain ESPN2
June 23 4 p.m. A Croatia vs. Mexico ESPN
June 23 4 p.m. A Cameroon vs. Brazil ESPN2
June 24 12 p.m. D Italy vs. Uruguay ESPN
June 24 12 p.m. D Costa Rica vs. England ESPN2
June 24 4 p.m. C Japan vs. Colombia ESPN
June 24 4 p.m. C Greece vs. Ivory Coast ESPN2
June 25 12 p.m. F Nigeria vs. Argentina ESPN
June 25 12 p.m. F Bosnia-H. vs. Iran ESPN2
June 25 4 p.m. E Ecuador vs. France ESPN
June 25 4 p.m. E Honduras vs. Switzerland ESPN2
June 26 12 p.m. G United States vs. Germany ESPN
June 26 12 p.m. G Portugal vs. Ghana ESPN2
June 26 4 p.m. H South Korea vs. Belgium ESPN
June 26 4 p.m. H Algeria vs. Russia ESPN2
June 28 12 p.m. R of 16 1A vs. 2B (Match 49) ABC
June 28 4 p.m. R of 16 1C vs. 2D (Match 50) ABC
June 29 12 p.m. R of 16 1B vs. 2A (Match 51) ESPN
June 29 4 p.m. R of 16 1D vs. 2C (Match 52) ESPN
June 30 12 p.m. R of 16 1E vs. 2F (Match 53) ESPN
June 30 4 p.m. R of 16 1G vs. 2H (Match 54) ESPN
July 1 12 p.m. R of 16 1F vs. 2E (Match 55) ESPN
July 1 4 p.m. R of 16 1H vs. 2G (Match 56) ESPN
July 4 12 p.m. Quarter W53 vs. W54 (Match 57) ESPN2
July 4 4 p.m. Quarter W49 VS. W50 (Match 58) ESPN
July 5 12 p.m. Quarter W55 vs. W56 (Match 59) ABC
July 5 4 p.m. Quarter W51 vs. W52 (Match 60) ESPN
July 8 4 p.m. Semis W57 vs. W58 (Match 61) ESPN
July 9 4 p.m. Semis W59 vs. W60 (Match 62) ESPN
July 12 4 p.m. 3rd L61 vs. L62 ESPN
July 13 3 p.m. Title W61 vs. W62 ABC and

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