Daniel Bryan Needs Vince McMahon If He Is to Remain WWE World Champion

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2014

Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon
Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahoncredit: wwe.com

Daniel Bryan is expected to appear on the May 26 edition of Monday Night Raw.  The WWE World champion, who is still recovering from neck surgery, has been ordered to show up by Stephanie McMahon and she expects him to surrender his title.

Bryan's back is definitely against the wall in this storyline and the fact is that there are not many options for him.  If he is to remain WWE World champion, then he must have an assist.  Daniel Bryan needs Vince McMahon.

To even imagine Vince stepping up for Daniel seems laughable at best.  After all, WWE's Chairman was one of the people celebrating Randy Orton's title win at 2013's SummerSlam pay-per-view.  As WWE fans know, that was the night that Triple H betrayed Daniel, allowing Randy to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and take home the gold.

On the following Raw, Vince joined his daughter Stephanie and Triple H in the ring as they publicly endorsed Orton as the new face of WWE.  It was a family affair that night, as all the McMahons were on the same page concerning their desire to see Daniel Bryan remain on the outside looking in.

So why would Vince step in for Daniel now?

Why would the man that many fans consider to be the most evil heel that the industry has ever known choose to change his colors and interject on behalf of WWE's top babyface? The fact is he wouldn't. Vince's character is rotten to the core, capable of so much wrongdoing that there is honestly no reason for anyone to believe that he would do the right thing now.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahoncredit: wwe.com

But he has to.  It's the only move that makes sense.

The reason for that is due to the fact that when Bryan appears on Raw, he will be outnumbered.  He will be face to face with both Hunter and Stephanie, WWE's power couple.  He will likely be on his own, with no one there to support him or to speak on his behalf.

WWE could set up a phony attorney of course, to speak for Daniel.  Daniel's wife Brie Bella could even be by his side to support him.  John Cena himself could even show up as a sign of respect to the man that beat him for the WWE title last year.

All of those options are viable, they all make sense.  But none of those options keep the WWE World Championship around Daniel's waist.

Bryan confronts The Authority
Bryan confronts The Authoritycredit: wwe.com

Therein lays the issue.  The fact is if WWE's plan was to strip Daniel of the belt while he recovers from surgery, they likely would have done that by now.  Unless the May 26 Raw is nothing more than a big sendoff to perhaps keep the heat going between Bryan and The Authority, there would really be no reason to wait that long.

The only purpose for waiting and for handling the situation in this way is because it's the perfect setup for Vince McMahon to return on Daniel's behalf.

Daniel has no ally on the corporate level, no one to speak up for him.  With both The Game and Stephanie against him, there's really no chance for Daniel to keep the championship. Truth be told, the belt could have been taken at any time before or after his surgery.

From a storyline perspective, it's their company—they can do what they want with the top championship.

But Vince could turn the tide for Daniel Bryan.  With the exception of Linda and Shane, who have not been seen on Raw in quite some time, Vince is the only one with enough stroke to prevent Bryan from losing the belt.

Stripping Daniel of the belt is historically what would have been done of course.  But again, if that were the plan, it likely would have happened by now.  The only reason to wait is to allow WWE to begin a new storyline and that storyline could very well be another McMahon family feud.

With Vince on one side against his daughter and son-in-law, WWE would have plenty of drama to keep the fans busy and entertained until Bryan came back to the fray.  Keeping him as champion would light the fires of that feud and would successfully bring Vince back to TV.

Daniel Bryan needs help and the only man that can help is the one man he should never trust.  That is a storyline all on its own.

Daniel Bryan is expected to appear on the May 26 edition of Monday Night Raw and when he does, Stephanie McMahon wants him to surrender the WWE World Championship.  If Bryan is to keep the belt, then he must have an assist from someone with enough power to keep the gold on his waist.

That someone is Vince McMahon and he is the only one that can help him.  Mr. McMahon is needed in this angle whether Daniel Bryan likes it or not.