The 10 Worst Signature Walkout Songs in the UFC Right Now

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The 10 Worst Signature Walkout Songs in the UFC Right Now
Chael Sonnen

We knew this day would come.

A couple of weeks ago, we recorded the 10 best signature walkout songs in the UFC today. Those were halcyon days. There was joy and there was fun. It was a season in the sun, for real. Never take anything away from that moment nor allow anyone else to do the same. We will always have those songs and that time in our lives.

But we cannot tarry in such a patch of noonday warmth. You know it as well as I. It is a fleeting thing, that patch and surrounded on all sides by darkness. To stop there forever would be to fail to see the world as it really is. 

That is why we now must stand, stride forward and expose the corruption. These are the 10 worst signature entrance songs in the UFC right now. Sadly, this list was far more challenging than its more benevolent twin. Why? Because there's a lot of crap out there, bro. 

All right, the criteria. First, active UFC fighters only. Second, all entrance songs must be closely associated with one fighter. No generic or overused tunes will be considered, no matter how bad they might be (Eminen's "Not Afraid" and every single AC/DC song can breathe a sigh of relief now). These can't be one-offs, such as Julio Paulino's use of "The Climb" or Carlos Newton's use of "Bootylicious," though I certainly appreciate and respect the suckitude those tracks bring to the table. The use must be sustained.

Third and finally, as it was in the first list, so shall it be in the second. My personal likes and dislikes are less important than how objectively bad the song is. And with that in mind, if you personally like a song on this list, I want you to feel bad about yourself. I don't mean to cast aspersions on you personally. It's just that you have very bad taste in music. You have a problem. Get help.

Please enjoy.

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