Hugh Jackman Calls out John Cena on SportsCenter with Hilarious Hype-Man Speech

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Do you know why they call Hugh Jackman the “Flying Aussie”? 

I didn’tuntil the Australian actor appeared on SportsCenter and went straight Randy “Macho Man” Savage on live television. 

Jackman was on the set at ESPN promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past on Wednesday when he decided to relay a spectacular challenge to one John Cena

Redditor SimpsonsFanHere uploaded footage of Jackman standing up from an interview with ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman and declaring his intent to fly out of the night and ruin Cena’s entire day and/or life. 

“John Cena, you know who you talking to. You’re talking to the ‘Flying Aussie’,” Jackman said as he stalked toward the camera. “You know why I’m flying? ‘Cuz I’m come off that—outta my light! Bring that camera to me! I said bring that camera to me! C’mon, Three! Work with me! Alright, I’m coming to you.” 

Seriously, Camera 3—live a little. Jackman wanted a little zoom, not bone marrow. You could have met him halfway.

Fortunately, one stubborn cameraman wasn’t enough to derail Jackman, who knows the only way to deliver a televised threat is with your bearded maw resting directly on the lens.

“I’m the Flying Aussie and I’m coming off that top rope,” Jackman continued. “See how I’m dark now? You’re not going to see me coming! It’s going to be like this, John Cena!”

That’s some high-level, hype-man improv coming from Jackman, who learned a bit about juicing a fight when he appeared on Monday Night Raw in April.

It would appear the Flying Aussie is itching to kangaroo kick Cena in the solar plexus.

Whether or not this will lead to an actual WWE showdown remains to be seen. 

Cena hasn’t responded on social media, but I believe I speak for all of us when I say to the WWE: “Get. It. Done.”

America deserves to see “Wolverine versus Faux Marine” and all the flying dropkicks and chokeslams therein. Let’s get to work, Vince McMahon. Jackman’s an Aussie, you’ve got to let him fly.

On the Twitters.

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