MLB Draft Order 2014: Team-by-Team Selection List for This Year's Showcase

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MLB Draft Order 2014: Team-by-Team Selection List for This Year's Showcase
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No professional sports draft involves more depth and uncertainty than the MLB draft, and that is a big part of what makes it so attractive to baseball fans.

With both collegiate and high school players available to be selected, strategy and speculation definitely play big roles. There are rarely surefire, bust-proof stars for the taking, as the MLB draft doesn't seem to have the best success rate in terms of first-round hits.

Even so, baseball fans love catching a glimpse of Major League Baseball's potential future stars, and they will have an opportunity to do that once again this year. Here is all the information you need to know about the 2014 MLB draft, including the draft order for all 40 rounds.

Where: MLB Network Studio 42 in Secaucus, New Jersey

When: Thursday, June 5 through Saturday, June 7

TV Schedule

2014 MLB Draft and Live Stream Schedule
Draft Day Rounds Date Time (ET) TV Live Stream
Day 1 1-Comp. B Thursday, June 5 7 p.m. MLB Network
Day 2 3-10 Friday, June 6 1 p.m. N/A
Day 3 11-40 Friday, June 7 1 p.m. N/A

First-Round Draft Order

First Round
Pick No. Team
1 Houston Astros
2 Miami Marlins
3 Chicago White Sox
4 Chicago Cubs
5 Minnesota Twins
6 Seattle Mariners
7 Philadelphia Phillies
8 Colorado Rockies
9 Toronto Blue Jays
10 New York Mets
11 Toronto Blue Jays
12 Milwaukee Brewers
13 San Diego Padres
14 San Francisco Giants
15 Los Angeles Angels
16 Arizona Diamondbacks
17 Kansas City Royals
18 Washington Nationals
19 Cincinnati Reds
20 Tampa Bay Rays
21 Cleveland Indians
22 Los Angeles Dodgers
23 Detroit Tigers
24 Pittsburgh Pirates
25 Oakland Athletics
26 Boston Red Sox
27 St. Louis Cardinals

Comp. Round A Draft Order

Comp. Round A
Pick No. Team
28 Kansas City Royals
29 Cincinnati Reds
30 Texas Rangers
31 Cleveland Indians
32 Atlanta Braves
33 Boston Red Sox
34 St. Louis Cardinals

Competitive Balance Round A Draft Order

Competitive Balance Round A
Pick No. Team
35 Colorado Rockies
36 Miami Marlins
37 Houston Astros
38 Cleveland Indians
39 Miami Marlins
40 Kansas City Royals
41 Milwaukee Brewers

Second-Round Draft Order

Second Round
Pick No. Team
42 Houston Astros
43 Miami Marlins
44 Chicago White Sox
45 Chicago Cubs
46 Minnesota Twins
47 Philadelphia Phillies
48 Colorado Rockies
49 Toronto Blue Jays
50 Milwaukee Brewers
51 San Diego Padres
52 San Francisco Giants
53 Los Angeles Angels
54 Arizona Diamondbacks
55 New York Yankees
56 Kansas City Royals
57 Washington Nationals
58 Cincinnati Reds
59 Texas Rangers
60 Tampa Bay Rays
61 Cleveland Indians
62 Los Angeles Dodgers
63 Detroit Tigers
64 Pittsburgh Pirates
65 Oakland Athletics
66 Atlanta Braves
67 Boston Red Sox
68 St. Louis Cardinals

Competitive Balance Round B Draft Order

Competitive Balance Round B
Pick No. Team
69 Arizona Diamondbacks
70 Arizona Diamondbacks
71 St. Louis Cardinals
72 Tampa Bay Rays
73 Pittsburgh Pirates
74 Seattle Mariners

Third-Round Draft Order

Third Round
Pick No. Team
75 Houston Astros
76 Miami Marlins
77 Chicago White Sox
78 Chicago Cubs
79 Minnesota Twins
80 Seattle Mariners
81 Philadelphia Phillies
82 Colorado Rockies
83 Toronto Blue Jays
84 New York Mets
85 Milwaukee Brewers
86 San Diego Padres
87 San Francisco Giants
88 Los Angeles Angels
89 Arizona Diamondbacks
90 Baltimore Orioles
91 New York Yankees
92 Kansas City Royals
93 Washington Nationals
94 Cincinnati Reds
95 Texas Rangers
96 Tampa Bay Rays
97 Cleveland Indians
98 Los Angeles Dodgers
99 Detroit Tigers
100 Pittsburgh Pirates
101 Oakland Athletics
102 Atlanta Braves
103 Boston Red Sox
104 St. Louis Cardinals

Supplemental Round Draft Order

Supplemental Round
Pick No. Team
105 Miami Marlins

Rounds 4-40 Draft Order

Rounds 4-40
Pick No. Team
1 Houston Astros
2 Miami Marlins
3 Chicago White Sox
4 Chicago Cubs
5 Minnesota Twins
6 Seattle Mariners
7 Philadelphia Phillies
8 Colorado Rockies
9 Toronto Blue Jays
10 New York Mets
11 Milwaukee Brewers
12 San Diego Padres
13 San Francisco Giants
14 Los Angeles Angels
15 Arizona Diamondbacks
16 Baltimore Orioles
17 New York Yankees
18 Kansas City Royals
19 Washington Nationals
20 Cincinnati Reds
21 Texas Rangers
22 Tampa Bay Rays
23 Cleveland Indians
24 Los Angeles Dodgers
25 Detroit Tigers
26 Pittsburgh Pirates
27 Oakland Athletics
28 Atlanta Braves
29 Boston Red Sox
30 St. Louis Cardinals

Prospects to Watch

Tyler Beede

The 2014 season has been a fairly inconsistent one for Vanderbilt starting pitcher Tyler Beede, which makes him one of the most enigmatic prospects in this draft. He could potentially go as high as No. 4 to the Chicago Cubs due to his immense ceiling, but he could just as easily fall outside the top 10.

He was lights out in 2013 as he went 14-1 with a 2.32 ERA, but his ERA has ballooned to 3.42 this year. His strikeout rate has improved slightly; however, there is no question that he has regressed. With that said, he seems to be hitting his stride at the right time, according to John Manuel of Baseball America:

It should be noted that Beede pitches in the SEC, which is arguably the toughest conference in college baseball, but it is tough to blame teams for possibly being reluctant to take him. He has all the tools you look for in a pitcher, though, and perhaps coaches will be able to help him bring it all together at the next level.

Carlos Rodon

North Carolina State lefty Carlos Rodon has seemingly been the leader in the clubhouse for top-pick honors since last season. Although his 2014 campaign hasn't been perfect, he has fought through adversity and posted excellent numbers once again.

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His 6-7 record doesn't tell the entire story, as his 2.01 ERA and 10.67 strikeouts per nine innings suggest that he has been dominant for large portions of the season. Rodon has improved in almost every area statistically aside from his record, which is something that is largely out of his hands anyway.

There were a lot of eyes on one of his recent starts, and Aaron Fitt of Baseball America reports that there is a belief he solidified his status as the top prospect in this draft:

The Houston Astros are a very likely destination for Rodon at No. 1, but there is very little chance that he slips past the Miami Marlins or Chicago White Sox at worst.

Jeff Hoffman

There is never a good time for a pitcher to suffer an arm injury, but the timing couldn't have been much worse for East Carolina righty Jeff Hoffman. According to ESPN's Keith Law, Hoffman was recently faced with the unfortunate reality of undergoing Tommy John surgery:

He had been enjoying a strong season and put himself in position to be selected in the top five or top 10 at the very least. Those aspirations are almost certainly over, but it isn't outside the realm of possibility that he could still be a first-rounder.

According to Jonathan Mayo of, an anonymous MLB executive still views Hoffman as a first-round prospect:

I think (Hoffman) is talented enough that he still will get selected in the first round. I don't know where that's going to be. Because of what he showed in the Cape, pushing (Carlos) Rodon for who would be No. 1, then that one outing when he was showing top-of-the-draft type of stuff. Teams will have to scramble now, having more discussions with their medical staff, to see where that risk factor lies.

MLB draft picks are a work in progress anyway, so taking a player who will miss a year isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world. As long as there is confidence that he can recover and return to form, Hoffman should still come off the board fairly early.

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