WWE Studios Inks 6-Picture Movie Deal with Lionsgate

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 22, 2014

The Soska sisters.
The Soska sisters.Credit: WWE.com

WWE Studios is apparently here to stay, with the film division just announcing a new long-term deal with production company Lionsgate.

Per industry site Deadline, WWE just inked a six-picture contract with Lionsgate, with revenge thriller Vendetta marking the first film of the deal. Jen and Sylvia Soska—who directed cult classic American Mary and are helming upcoming horror sequel See No Evil 2, which stars Kane—will be behind the cameras.

Jorge Herrera/Associated Press

The duo are identical twin directors, which I can only hope is every bit as cool as it sounds. They're both wickedly gifted filmmakers (The Guardian called them "the new faces of horror" last year.), and it says good things about the division's eye for new talent that it has chosen to associate with the siblings so early on in their careers.

Deadline offered some plot details on Vendetta, which will feature Paul “The Big Show” Wight in an as-yet-unnamed role:

Vendetta, written by Justin Shady, tracks a hard-nosed detective who deliberately commits a crime to get sent to prison, where he seeks vengeance on the crook serving a life sentence for murdering the detective’s wife. The WWE/Lionsgate “Action six-pack” will serve as a platform for WWE Superstar wrestling personalities transitioning into acting while tapping emerging filmmaking talent behind the camera.

Deadline notes that work on Vendetta is due to start this summer, with the next Lionsgate-WWE project after that to start production in the fall. Big Show will presumably be taking time off soon to film it.

Credit: WWE.com

Vendetta sounds delightfully ridiculous—like a rejected plot for one of Charles Bronson's Death Wish films or some blood-splattered epic Steven Seagal would have starred in when he was at his peak as an action movie star in the '80s. 

I hope they try to bring in B-movie icon Danny Trejo for the lead role—just to up the campiness factor. If you're going to do a grindhouse film, you may as well go all out.