Random People with Shocking Athletic Ability

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2014

Random People with Shocking Athletic Ability

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    We've all been there before.

    Choosing teams in a pickup game, there's a fat, out of shape guy who, somehow, ends up being a hell of a lot better than his appearance gives off.

    He's faster, stronger and more agile than your ass is—and you run four miles every single day.

    It's a constant reminder that looks can be deceiving, because there are people out there who are surprisingly athletic—like these random folks.

Big Guy Does Backflips

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    When you first look at this guy, I bet the last thing you'd think is that he's about to do a backflip over three people, right?

    Don't lie, I guarantee you were wondering what this dude was doing shirtless and on a basketball court to begin with, in a mad dash towards three innocent people.

    Then he busts out something like this, and you probably lost your mind, because it's nuts what he does.

330-Pound Skateboarder

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    Have you ever even tried standing on a skateboard, let alone ride one around and try to do anything that resembles a trick?

    Yeah, it's pretty damn tricky.

    Claiming to be pushing 330 pounds, this skater doesn't have a problem, though, grinding his way all over anything he can—which is dope as hell.

Older Lady Does Gymnastics

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    Your grandma might be cool and all, but is she cool enough to do something like this?

    I doubt it.

    That's not to take a knock at her—I'm sure she's great and sending you $5 on your birthday and wrapping her couch in plastic—but this older woman prefers to show she's the queen of grannies, pulling of quite the gymnastic moves.

Kyllian Guerin

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    Just when you thought you were cool, this kid named Kyllian Guerin shows you've got a few things to learn in that department.

    A surfer who rips harder than dudes double his age, the 10 year old shows that it doesn't matter the size of the board or rider, but the size of the guts he has to conquer nasty waves.

Trick Shot Titus

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    Most toddlers struggle to stand on their own two feet, let alone hit trick shots with regular consistency. 

    That's why this little dude, Titus Ashby, found himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live sinking buckets against future Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal last summer.

    While other babies are busy taking naps, Titus is busy working on his jumper.

Jayson Carter

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    There have been plenty of small guys who have found that playing football isn't necessarily only regulated to the big dudes.

    After all, Barry Sanders was just 5'8", and he had a Hall of Fame career.

    But seeing a 4'9" guy march out there in a college football game isn't something one sees every day—even if it was for just one carry.

    That's what Rice tailback Jayson Carter did last season, taking a hand-off and gaining a yard in a blowout win over UTEP.

    And the story gets better about just how athletic Carter really is—even if he is shorter than a middle schooler.

Fat Guy Burns by Marathoner

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    As someone who has run a number of half and full-marathons, I know better than to ever put myself in position to get embarrassed like this.

    Unfortunately, this bro allowed his ego get in the way of humiliation.

    Racing against quite the hefty fellow, a dude described as a marathon runner—which, true or not, he's noticeably in better shape—gets absolutely burned in an all-out sprint.

    In this case, it really was a sprint and not a marathon—maybe he was confused?

Even Bigger Maradona

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    You've got to love the Internet, right?

    While this guy may first appear to be someone who looks like he spends more time dunking donuts than kicking soccer balls, he proves that he has the foot skills that are even sweeter than those donuts.

Brandon Todd

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    You may have heard of this Brandon Todd guy before—since he has gained some Internet fame from dunking a basketball.

    But why on earth would someone get popular for doing that?

    Well, that's because Todd stands just 5'5", and happens to throw down as if he's 6'5" after teaching himself how to leap out of a gym and up to a 10-foot rim.

    While NBA guys have done this—notably, Spud Webb—it's pretty impressive seeing a normal guy get up there like that.

John Daly

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    OK, so John Daly might not be random—he has won a couple majors on the PGA Tour—but, seeing how he's got the body of a balloon, it's insane how athletic this guy is.

    Whether it's driving a golf ball out of a woman's mouth for fun, or just smashing one 300-plus yards in a tournament, Daly doesn't look like an athlete, but he proves otherwise.

Andre Smith

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    Just like the aforementioned John Daly, current Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman might actually be well-known, but I just had to add him to this list—because the dude can move.

    Sure, his 40-yard dash from his Pro Day a few years ago is laughable when comparing it up against other NFL players, but to a regular dude who tips the scales at 335 pounds, it's quite the feat.

    I mean, the dude was rocking boobs, and he still clocked in at 5.32 seconds.

Gary Haynes

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    This Gary Haynes kid might be a high school football player who has proven that he's in good shape, but that doesn't discount what he did here—which is completing a pass to himself!

    Yeah, this is a real thing, at least we think it is. 

    Unlike CGI-type stuff we've seen before, Haynes tosses the ball high in the air, takes off in a dead sprint and catches his own pass.

    I'm not sure there are many humans on the planet who can do this, let alone players in the NFL.