What You Gonna Do, When Spursmania Runs Wild On You??!!

Razi BaradContributor IJune 26, 2009

What You Gonna Do, When Spursmania Runs Wild On You??!!

Last night i was watching the draft live on ESPN and hoping as a spurs fan that somehow some why that R.C Buford and the scouting staff will be able to make another draft miracle (like drafting Parker at 29 and Ginobili at 57 and even Scola at 55) so the Spurs will be ones again a candidate for the NBA championship ones again.

But considering the fact that the Spurs didn't have a first round pick or any real trade able player to trade for a pick it was all a dream until the 37's pick and the first pick of the Spurs.

Everybody until that point in the draft took there time and the three minutes that NBA lets you have to decide what player do you want to pick but for San Antonio it took about 30 seconds until the Assistant of David Stern came out again and read the Spurs pick.

He read: "With the 37's pick in the 2009 NBA draft the San Antonio Spurs Pick Dejuan Blair" but he could just easily said these word: "After the 37's pick the San Antonio Spurs are once again a prime candidate to win the NBA finals next year" and that's how the Spurs ones again make a draft miracle happen.

I am really proud to say I am a fan of the Spurs today only because the Spurs have the best staff in the NBA and you can always count on them to make the right move and pick the right player for the franchise there where at list 10 teams who should have taken Blair in the first round ( Cleveland any one??!) and then six teams who should have taken him in the second round its really surprising how stupid some teams in the NBA but thankfully I'm not a fan of the 15 teams that should have picked Blair and i can only thank them for their stupidity.

But back to the Spurs now that Jefferson has passed and with the addition of Blair and another great pick of Jack McClinton (picked 51 and at one point was considered to be picked in the first round) the Spurs have a much better team then last year and they also have some cap space to use (The mid level exception) I hope the Spurs can make another great move and re-sign Drew Gooden for a small amount and still use there MLE to get another big man that can help Duncan to rest for the playoffs some one like Rasheed Wallace(if he takes his demands down from 8m to 5.8m) or Chris Andersen or even Antonio McDyess all of them can really give good minutes next to Duncan or even on the court without him. Also the Spurs might take back Bowen or Orberto at a minimum contracts after they get there buy-out.

So right now here's how the Spurs team is looking to shaping up to be:

PG:Tony Parker, George Hill, Jack McClinton(Can also play SG)

SG:Manu Ginobili, Roger Mason Jr.

SF:Richard Jefferson, Michell Finley 

PF:Tim Duncan, DeJuan Blair, Matt Boner (Can also play SF)

C:Rasheed Wallace, Drew Gooden, Ian Mahinmi

**Nando de Colo the third draft pick (53) will probably be sent back to Europe to play for a year or two.

As its shaping out to be the San Antonio Spurs are going to have a great team in the 2009/10 year and it might even end with another title to add to the four NBA championship the great San Antonio Franchise has won in the past ten years.