Everything You Need to Know About Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan's Girlfriend

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2014

Tim Duncan has arguably been overshadowed to a certain extent his entire career, so it's only appropriate that his girlfriend is stealing some of the limelight during the San Antonio Spurs' postseason run.

Vanessa Macias' popularity has exploded almost overnight after she was spotted during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals as the Spurs took on the Oklahoma City Thunder.     

The wives/girlfriends of star athletes always gain a certain amount of fame, and Macias is no different.

So, who is Vanessa Macias?

She Loves the City of San Antonio

Do not come between Macias and her beloved San Antonio.

According to the bio page on her official website, she has a special affinity for the "Alamo City."

After high school, she enrolled at San Antonio College to take classes in radio, television and broadcasting and interned for The News 4 San Antonio High School Sports Show as an on-air reporter.

From there, she moved on to the University of North Texas, and following her graduation, she returned to San Antonio, working for the local CBS affiliate's Great Day S.A. program.

This isn't some bandwagon Spurs fan we're talking about here, folks. Macias has a passion for both the team and her hometown that is rooted far deeper than her relationship with Duncan.

She's a World Traveler

Macias' sphere of influence goes beyond the San Antonio city limits, and the United States border for that matter.

She first rose to prominence as a contestant on The Amazing Race 20. She and her partner, Ralph Kelley, were labelled the "Dating Divorcees" and wound up finishing fourth in the competition.

Macias and Kelley were eliminated in the 11th and penultimate leg.

What tripped the pair up was the "Roadblock." Macias had an injured ankle, which doomed her and Kelley's chances of advancing, and they eventually lost out to Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, who just happened to be Macias and Kelley's biggest rivals.

Speaking with Joyce Eng of TV Guide, Macias revealed that she and Kelley had briefly talked about quitting once the ankle became more and more of a problem, but they had their eyes fixated on the prize:

We discussed it very, very briefly. But in a situation like that, that's not how you wanna go out. I don't think you really realize what you'd do for $1 million or really anything you care that much about until you're in that situation.

It took a lot of guts for Macias to continue on despite her ankle swelling up so much that it "looked like a tube of biscuits that you had just slammed on the counter." Duncan better think twice before complaining of his various bumps and bruises after games.

She's No Stranger to Sporting Events

By now, Macias is all too comfortable making her presence felt at sporting events. She serves as the in-game host for the San Antonio Missions, the Double-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, and the San Antonio Scorpions of the North American Soccer League:

She has also become a fixture on the sidelines for the Spurs during their playoff run this year. Her knowledge of all things San Antonio won her Spurs Jeopardy on Great Day S.A. back in April:

There's no question that Macias is a massive sports fan and supporter of all her local teams; however, it would seem that the Spurs hold a special place in her heart above all others.     

Maybe Macias could give Duncan some pointers on how to get past the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.