Old School Rivarly...in Color

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Old School Rivarly...in Color
Do you kick it old school? Getting back into the '80s clothing craze? Sport a flat top despite your friends' good advice? Think everything was better "back in the day"? Then you're going to love this one. Believe it or not, there was a purer time in college football, one not constrained by all the NCAA rules and regulations; there was a time when the visiting team didn't have to wear white. And 710 ESPN commentator Dave Dameshek wants to bring it back. Not for every game...just for the most important one. Dameshek wants to revive the colossal match-up, Cardinal vs. Powder Blue, in the USC-UCLA rivalry games. But in order to get the ball rolling, Dameshek, -nay the world-, needs your help! As reported by Adam Rose on All Things Trojan: 710 ESPN's Dave Dameshek recently got Pete Carroll and Rick Neuheisel on the record to support a return to the good ol' days. Unfortunately, there's more to it. The schools will need to ask the NCAA for a waiver, and you know how red tape can be. Instead of sticking cheerleaders outside of some administrators door, Dameshek (with help from Joyless Joey) is building support with a petition. Sign the online petition to help bring color back to our colorless world. Imagine a cardinal wave smashing into a powder blue tide. It's no longer football...it's art. A color combination that would make Picasso weep and DiVinci fall to his knees.

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