Ron Dennis Could Return to the Pitwall

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Ron Dennis Could Return to the Pitwall
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

With the departure of Ron Dennis earlier this year, the stepping-down of current FIA President Max Mosley could pave the way for former McLaren team principals return.

Ron stepped down after a turbulent Australian GP at the beginning of the 2009 season, which saw Lewis Hamilton called before the stewards for lying about a racing incident. This also saw the departure of Dave Ryan who has also made a return, seen entering the Ferrari motor home at Silverstone.

The move was seen as a peace offering to Max Mosley, with the two having a shady history. The move looked to have worked as the FIA were lenient on McLaren by usual standards, with just a three-race suspended ban being offered as punishment.

Ron Dennis may now feel he can enjoy racing again, without the worries Max presents. A source within McLaren told The Times that, “Racegoers might be seeing a little more of him from now.”

The team, however, has noted that Dennis will not be taking over his old duties as team principal.

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