Phillies Front Office Strikes Out On Mound

francis vetterContributor IJune 26, 2009

Being a Philadelphia fan my whole life leaves me immune to heartbreak, bad luck and not winning.Last year we broke the trend with the phillies has thier pitching stepped up in a huge way..and it seems we fell in love with a sub par rotation who got hot and th end of the year. I love hamels definite ace,i just musty been the only fan in the world who thought we still needed  pitching before this season started..and are big upgrades were chan ho park and signing moyer to a 2 year deal..and its almost liek were afraid of the success and we wanna reform back into the team thats always alomost gets it right..If i was running the team i  would of went after a SOLID number 2.. had myers 3 blanton 4 and happ 5...instead Hamels is the ace blanton is 2 and after that it doesnt matter! We played the yankees blue jays red sox andRays so far and they destroyed are pitching..everyone but hamels got rocked jacked and hammered.. We have the trade bait to upgrade are staff...Dobbs Jason werth are both expendable in my eyes.. who got big names that could upgrade are bench .mayberry in right...I think if were gonna have any chance to repeat. its gonna come down to the trade deadline and if the Powers to be can pull the trigger on a big arm to help out hamels..So until that happens im gonna close my eyes and wish and hope for another mvp maybehamels will geta cy young