Sports Figures Who Should Have Their Own Walk-Up Music

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Sports Figures Who Should Have Their Own Walk-Up Music
Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

In a better world, we'd all have our own walk-up song—a custom-tailored jam that plays whenever we enter a room, announcing our superb musical taste to those within.

Sure, it would end in complete, pants-soiling chaos. Some kid would pull the fire alarm at school and an entire county would have to listen to the Best of Glee multiplied by a thousand as children flock through the emergency exits. But those first two hours, man—it would be great.

Unfortunately, the only people who can get away with having a walk-up song are sports people. They work in big arenas where loud noises and obnoxious music is welcomed, if not encouraged.

With this in mind, I've decided to hook up some of the biggest names in sports and sports media with their own theme music. I've even provided them with some finishing moves for their walk-in routines. 

My choices aren't based on what they would want. This is about picking the song that speaks to the crowd, and more importantly, the song that speaks to their nature. It's not my fault Tim Duncan practically brims with Coldplay vibes.

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