3MB Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Quality Performances

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2014

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Too many fans forget not everybody can be a main event star.

A wrestling roster needs to be balanced. Despite wrestling purists, wrestling will and always should have a flavor of entertainment. Especially when you're in the big business and platform WWE is.

This is where 3MB comes in.

Yes, they do a lot of jobs to bigger names. Yes, they can be the comedic relief in between a string of serious stories. Guys and girls can be given spots on a show that, in the bookers mind, aren't meant to be anything big. But that doesn't mean the talent(s) can't go out and make something out nothing.

3MB continues to show how they can maximize their minutes by taking full advantage of every bit of air time they get. Whether it be a match, their presence outside the ring for a match, or backstage for the WWE app. We've seen all three examples recently.

All three guys are good performers in the ring. Heath Slater, in my opinion, is the best, despite Drew McIntyre once being “The Chosen One.” Don't get me wrong, the Scottish wrestler is talented in the ring, but I like Slater better as an all around performer.

Slater received a ton of praise from those within WWE and the legends when he was a big part of booking the buildup to the RAW 1,000 and getting beat by different legends each week. His work during that program really highlighted his potential as a singles mid-card star.

The Extreme Rules pre-show was one of the most entertaining 10 minutes I've seen on WWE television in a long time. 3MB was outside the ring, as were Los Matadores, while Hornswoggle took on El Torito with tables, ladders and chairs.

They stole the show and the show hadn't even started.

3MB has also been entertaining on the WWE app if you've ever gotten a chance to watch them. They are committed to being as entertaining as possible, while embracing their characters they've been given.

Not everybody can be in the main event. Not everyone can be pushed at the same time. Not everybody can be .500, so that means some guys just have to lose a lot more than others to help make guys look good. 3MB gets this and handles it well.

Everything is relative, but when I hear about top guys mad at their booking positions, pay and more, I can't help but laugh and wish them a reality check. Take a walk in 3MB's shoes.

3MB won't be a Hall of Fame trio. With a surge of new names continuing to be developed through the WWE system, if one of the three members can leave the group and be a legitimate star, then good for them.

Until then, 3MB will continue doing their job and doing it well.

Justin LaBar is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also the creator of the "Chair Shot Reality" video talk show and "Wrestling Reality" radio show.