UFC 173 Bantamweight Title Challenger TJ Dillashaw Hits Pads in Strange Places

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMay 21, 2014


TJ Dillashaw is utilizing some extreme training techniques to ensure that he's prepared for his UFC 173 bantamweight title fight against reigning king Renan Barao. 

First, the Team Alpha Male product warmed up with former UFC lightweight Justin Buchholz mid-flight as he traveled to Las Vegas for his May 24 scrap. 

The video, which was first published on the UFC's official Instagram profile, surfaced on Reddit Tuesday evening. 

While an elite fighter hitting pads in the aisle of an airplane is both funny and impressive on its own, this clip really shines because of the flight attendant's commentary. He says: 

We'll be on the ground shortly. Again, please remain seated for the short duration of the flight. For the people in the last five rows that don't know what 'seated' means, that means put your butt in the cushion.  

Dillashaw's innovative training techniques didn't end there, though. 

To improve his balance and hand-eye coordination, Dillashaw took to the baggage claim for his next circuit on the pads. 

Cheered on by teammates Joseph Benavidez, Chris Holdsworth and some adoring fans (or stunned passersby), a shirtless Dillashaw went to work on a moving conveyor belt in a very public place. 

This is Team Alpha Male we're talking about, after all, so the "no shirt" thing is kind of a requirement, really. 

Since nothing else has even remotely worked against Barao thus far in the Brazilian champ's UFC career, maybe Dillashaw is on to something here. 

Or maybe he's just being silly and calming the nerves before his date with a killer inside the Octagon.