5 Most Boring Events in Sports History

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5 Most Boring Events in Sports History
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So, you thought that match last night was boring, did you? Dream on. There’s dull, there’s lifelessand then there’s tedious, unrelenting boredom.

Everybody will have their "favourite" boring sports contest, probably because they paid good money to watch something dreadful. But just be thankful that you weren’t at any of these (and if you were, hard luck).

Here are the contenders for the most boring sports events of all time. Yes, there is a certain amount of skill involved in producing these gems, and a novelty value to some of the records, but can anybody say they actually would have liked to be there to watch it?

You might like to argue about the order of the first four, or add some of your own. But nothing, ever, will beat the magnificent, mind-numbing, sleep-inducing tedium of No. 1.

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