Bray Wyatt Has Cemented Himself as Sport's Best Talker in John Cena Feud

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2014


The pre-debut vignettes. "We're here." The entrance cloaked in darkness but for a bit of light emanating from a hand-held lantern. The appearance. The entrance music.

All of the above have made The Wyatt Family one of the most captivating gimmicks WWE has ever produced. Still, for every bit of sizzle, there must be some steak if an idea is to work fully. While Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been largely outstanding between the ropes, it is Wyatt's promo ability that has not only guided the faction but also helped make him the best talker in professional wrestling today.

Every week, fans are treated to promos from guys clearly reciting what they were handed on a sheet of paper. Very few of them are are able to take what they have been given, put a twist on it, and make it seem original and organic. 

That is exactly what Wyatt does so well, among other things.

Wyatt has an unmatched charisma about him, and it helps grab the audience's attention. Like a cult leader, he is confident and, in many ways, likable when he speaks. He has a cadence he uses to perfection. More importantly, the way he fluctuates his voice and shifts seamlessly from loud preaching to an almost inaudible whisper helps put emphasis on certain parts of the promo.

Wyatt's delivery of what the writers have written for him has helped him gain the reputation as a promo guy in WWE. But what the writers are coming up with is equally important.

The Wyatt character has seemingly motivated the creative team unlike any other. They come up with some incredibly entertaining segments of television and have crafted some truly awe-inspiring promos for the young performer to cut.

The perfect blend of Dark Knight references, fables, wise tales and their own take on the character, the promos may start out wild and nonsensical, but they always manage to tie back into the central theme.

The recent promos, which have given fans a glimpse into the past of Wyatt and why he does and says what he does and says, have been among the performer's and the creative team's finest. The May 19 Raw promo was among the best promos of the last decade.

Wyatt told a story about his grade school teacher and relived the moment she referred to him as evil. While he spoke normally for the majority of the promo to that point, he suddenly became angry and showed great intensity when he exclaimed, "Look at me now! I've got the whole damn world in my hands."

It was a braggadocios reminder to those in power who once told him he would never become anything that he had, in fact, become a very powerful man. The way he delivered that line and then accentuated it with "I am the necessary evil that must exist in this world to balance everything out" was absolutely phenomenal. Again, it hinted at the motivations of the otherwise enigmatic man.

While Wyatt's work prior to the John Cena feud was stellar, the Cena character has opened up new possibilities and directions to take the promos, and it has shown. When someone is as good and wholesome as Cena and as wicked and evil as Wyatt, the potential for some truly special work will always exist.

Today's fans are witnessing the greatest run of promo work by any Superstar in a very long time. Love or hate Bray Wyatt, fans should appreciate the quality of work he is turning in on a weekly basis, for it is the bearded, Hawaiian shirt-wearing outcast who may be WWE's next successful mainstream star before all is said and done.