Charlie Weis' Woes Lead to Poor Choice of Words

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Charlie Weis' Woes Lead to Poor Choice of Words
Head coach of the University of Notre Dame's football team has made a grievous error in our age of politically correct world of consequences for ones ill chosen words.  Weis, apparently frustrated by a losing season and dealing with questions of his ability to coach the Fighting Irish successfully made a mistake and vented his frustrations saying that it is more difficult to win without thugs on the team.This has already been featured on Pardon the Interruption and is sure to have consequences in our world of political correctness.  What is implied by this poorly chosen wording?  Could he be saying that successful programs that feature star performers are not recruiting them for their Sunday Christian facade?  Certainly there are good athletes at Notre Dame but it is a school that does not recruit solely based on physical talent.  There are superior programs out there that allow in your less academically focused students.  They have their share of good scholar athletes as well.  The difference does not come down to thugs versus altar boys.  The difference is coaching.I would not hang Coach Weis for his ill chosen words.  I would certainly ask him to think before he speaks next time.  Sadly someone will read deeply into his words and say something dumber than Coach Weis already said.  I look forward to a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton saying, "What are you getting at Coach Weis?  Are you saying black athletes aren't scholars?"  Talk about ironic.  Coach Weis said thugs and this will immediately be read into as African American athletes.  I truly look forward to reading somewhere that someone from the ACLU or NAACP has forgotten to clean off their shoe before inserting it into their mouths.

What should really be looked at is whom Coach Weis is calling the thug superstars.  Is he saying that the thuggy stars outshine the well-spoken and less loud players who are also superior athletes?  I hope not.  For every thuggin' player who loves to thank his god for the ability to run fast, jump high, and catch or carry a football, basketball, or any other ball-oriented sport you have similar athletes who do not shoot their mouths off and speak poorly.  I don't want to point any fingers or add fuel to the fire but in all seriousness we, the consumers, are who drive the market for the loud mouth, trash talking, poorly spoken sports figure that exists.  Without you and me watching the games and paying for memorabilia some of these jokers would be playing backyard sports and working at McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken or being bouncers at your local strip club.  I guess some of them would feel right at home there.

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