And The Winner Is: 2009 NBA Draft Report Cards

T.J. QuinnCorrespondent IJune 26, 2009

1) The Clippers did well, duh. Blake Griffin is an incredible talent.

Dare I say a once-in-a-lifetime talent. It's too bad he has to begin his career with that other LA team.

If anyone is ever going to 180 the Clippers, it's him. I understand how big of a leap this is; but he could honestly be the next Karl Malone, he's really that good. 

Think Shawn Kemp with work ethic, yeah. Let's just hope in three years when this guy is All-NBA, Donald Sterling does not prove too big a cheap skate to hold on to him.

The Clippers obviously did well here. But it's not like they had to do anything, it just fell in their laps.

I'm not discrediting them, I'm just saying it fell in their laps. It's not their fault.

Oh wait, yes it is, they're the Clippers. Griffin is an A+ player but with respect to the Clips draft I'll say A-. This was all just too easy to give them anything higher, sorry.

2) Memphis did well, too. I understand why many were pushing for them to take a point guard here.

But hey, let's give Mike Conley a chance. The kid's only entering his third year and he's still got a lot of growing to do.

Thabeet was the right pick here. However, the big fella's got a lot of growing to do himself.

Forget about that infamous curse of the number two pick. This guy doesn't even have a number one post move, let alone a number two.

Granted he has incredible size you can't teach, footwork akin to Olajuwan, and a defensive prowess that is second-to-none. It's going to be very interesting to see how he does. 

Will he be the next Olowokandi or the second-coming of Mutombo? I'm amazed at how far Thabeet has already come and confident he has much further to go so I say the latter.

Although he might have been taken a little high, I really like Missouri's DeMarre Carrol. He's got decent size, a tremendous amount of energy, and a huge heart.

He's a solid rebounder and defender, two things that never get old in the NBA. Plus he's got a sweet set of locks, you can't teach that.

Furthermore, what a steal Memphis got with Sam Young. Okay, so he's 24.

Who cares! As if that's a bad thing these days.

The kid can really play: Long, athletic, multi-dimensional, smart, and what a pump fake! I can't believe he lasted as long as he did.

This was one of the better value picks of the entire draft. Young will prove to not only be a solid offensive player but a true lock-down defensive wing in the mold of a Trevor Ariza.

Thabeet alone would demand a B but add in Carrol and the Young steal I'll give Memphis a B+.

3) Oklahoma City did surprising well. Moreover, they made a statement: They're no-longer simply rebuilding but are ready to win now.

A lot of people stressed Rubio at this spot. I love the kid and think he will prove to be a terrific NBA player, but who knows what you're going to get out of him next year.

Moreover, if he'll even play next year (We all know he will). By picking James Harden OKC is making a statement: They're ready to go, now. 

They seem to have confidence in Westbrook at the point. Durant is obviously one of the best young talents in the league, and Jeff Green is a beast down low.

Harden adds the wing presence they need and a solid number two scorer to Durant. Come on, the kid was Pac-10 player of the year and First team All-America as a sophomore!

Furthermore, where was he as a freshman? I mean I knew where he was, but I'm kind of a nerd, I'm talking about the rest of the country.

This is a testament to how far he came between his freshman and sophomore years. Who knows how much farther he'll go next year.

If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd say far to very far. In keeping with that, OKC's portfolio is now strong to quite strong.

Harden's all-around game reminds me of Brandon Roy. He literally does everything, quietly, and with his left hand to boot.

Perhaps he's more in keeping with Manu Ginobili. Lefty's are so cool. 

Contraily, I have no idea why they traded that apparently sweet French kid for BJ Mullens. I'm sorry but if you can't start for your college team you have no business declaring yourself for the NBA draft.

Unless you're Marvin Williams on UNC's 2005 National Championship squad but that is an entirely different story. A- draft if only Harden but the Mullens pick-up brings this down to B+.

4) I'm very pleased with what Sacramento did. Again, many thought Rubio here, maybe even Stephen Curry.

But the Kings desperately needed a point guard. We all know Rubio could be Magic.

Dare I say, the next Magic. But hey, Tyreke Evans ain't bad.

Actually, he's really f-in good. Really, really good.

I had the pleasure of watching him trump my high school alma-mater a few years back and I knew then he was going to be special. Indeed, he is special, and he's only getting better.

The best thing to ever happen to him was when John Calipari gave him the ball and made him the point guard. This elevated his game in to an entirely new stratosphere. Surely he has been his team's primary ball handler his entire life.

But he's never been a point guard, per say. After being given the rock and leading his team to a 27-1 record there after, however, he's officially become a point guard.

Kevin Martin might average 30 ppg with this kid by his side next year. What a backcourt!

I know it's early, but Evans might be the 2010 ROY. In keeping with all the big leaps I've already made, here's another one: Big O.

That's right, I said it. I'll say it again: Big O.

If ever there was a point guard in this league (or soon-to-be in this league) akin to Oscar Robertson, it's Tyreke Evans. I know nothing about their other first round pick: Omri Casspi.

But having the NBA's first Israeli is pretty cool, I guess. I am so tempted to make a politically-charged comment here but I am going to resist.

I was a little disappointed to see Sacramento trade Jeff Pendergraph from Arizona State, whom they selected with the first pick of the second round. But John Brockman ain't bad.

He's a very tough, solid low-post player with an NBA-ready body, a nose for the ball, and a real talent for offensive rebounds. You can never have enough of those.

The good grades keep on rolling, I'm going to give out another A- here. Well done, Sac-town.

5) Okay, here we go, brace yourselves: What the f!#$ are you doing Minnesota! No, seriously, what the fcuk are you doing?

For those of you who don't know that's FCUK, French Connection UK, yeah, thanks. In keeping with foreign name-brands, I like what they did at number five.

You can't pass on Rubio. I've been following this kid nearly as long as Fran Fraschilla and he really has a chance to be special.

I'm talking Pistol Pete special. He's never going to lead the league in scoring.

But he's definitely going to make those around him better. Something that Pistol Pete, God rest his soul, was never quite able to do.

Furthermore, I really like Johnny Flynn. Great kid, even better talent.

He kind of reminds me of Terrell Brandon in his hey-day. So I like Rubio, I like Flynn, I just don't like Rubio AND Flynn.

I almost feel bad for these two guys (if it's possible to feel bad for someone who just signed a multi-million dollar contract). Because of this situation Minnesota has put them in, one of them is going to really excel and the other is going to fail miserably. 

I just dont understand how this is ever going to work? Dick Vitale said it: this is going to get someone fired.

There were just so many other combinations they could have used with five and six, I don't understand it. We all love peanut butter and we all love jelly.

But you have to have both, you know. You can't have a PB&PB sandwich just like you can't have a J&J sandwich.

That's why it's called a PB&J, folks. I don't know, maybe you can.

The real loser in all this is Sebastian Telfair. My dude finally has a solid year and he just gets lost in the shuffle yet again.

Nevertheless, I do like what Minnesota did at number twenty-eight with Wayne Ellington: A very high value pick.

Actually, a steal late in the first round. He can do most anything on the court and I'm sure he will be doing a little bit of everything for the T-wolves.

I like the Nick Calathes pick, too. He had two great years at Florida and although I think he should have stayed in school.

I'm pretty sure he will be going over to Greece, which is perfect. Let him go over there for a few years, improve by playing against top euro league competition as opposed to just riding the pine with the T-wolves and then bring him over when he's nice and ready.

Speaking of Europe, I know nothing about Minnesota's final pick, the kid from the Netherlands. His biggest hurdle in getting to the NBA will probably be passing a drug test: I-AM-STERDAM!

If it was just Rubio: B+. If it was just Flynn: B+. But the fact that it was both: C+. However, throw in the Ellington steal and the fact that this Dutch kid probably has some really good herb: B-

6) Things are looking pretty, pretty, pretty sweet in Oak-Town these days. Warriors fans must be ecstatic with the selection of Stephen Curry, and rightfully so.

He is arguably the best shooter in the NBA, and he hasn't played a single game yet! Along with the aforementioned Tyreke Evans, Curry is on my short-list for 2010 ROY.

Moreover, the new Golden State backcourt will be even more electrifying than the new one in Sacramento. Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis, are you kidding me?

Talk about absurd. The only downside is that neither is a true point guard.

They're both lead guards with a score first mentality a la Allen Iverson. Doesn't matter, Nellie knows exactly what he's doing.

If you thought Baron Davis-Monta Eliis was sweet a few years ago, wait 'til you see this show, better; this circus. This combo alone should make you want to buy NBA League Pass.

Great job, Golden State, now go and get Amar'e and win yourself a conference title! A-, definitely.

7) New York, NY: The city so sweet they named it twice. Fitting the MSG fans booed twice between picks seven and eight. First, because they narrowly missed out on who they wanted: the aforementioned Stephen Curry.

Second, because they didn't get who they wanted: the aforementioned Stephen Curry. Enough already Knicks fans.

So you didn't get Stephen Curry, it sucks, I know, get over it. There's nothing you, Donny Walsh, Spike, or LeBron could do.

So don't take it out on Jordan Hill. Most of you probably don't even know who he is.

You should because the kid can play, and he's gotten better every year. He's done so amid three different coaches at Arizona, too, no small feat.

So take it easy on him already. Give him a chance.

Don't worry, you're still going to get LeBron in 2010. But seriously, this is the best pick that could have been made here.

The 6-10 Hill dominated the paint throughout the Pac-10 this year, yet another not-so-small feat. He will provide not only a nice compliment but a much needed relief to David Lee.

Moreover, after a year of development he will provide that much more swaying power towards LeBron's arrival in 2010. Although Hill has some bulking up and further polishing to do, this is still a really solid pick.

Coupled with the late first-round acquisition of Florida State senior point guard Toney Douglas, whom, if you watched any of this years ACC tournament know how good he is, made for a nice little 2009 NBA draft for the Knicks. Wow, something different.

I'll say B here. One more year, Knicks fans.

8) Brian Colangelo knows what he's doing, that's all I'm going to say. You know who the last young kid was he drafted with the number nine pick?

Amar'e Stoudemire. I'm not saying DeMar DeRozen is the next Amar'e Stoudemire, but he could be the next Vince Carter, no seriously.

Or he could just be the next Gerald Wallace. Which ain't bad, depending on how you look at it.

Nevertheless, this kid is really talented. He's got a good NBA-wing body and truly scary athleticism.

I recommend checking him out on YouTube. After all, this kid was the MVP of the Pac-10 tournament, as a Freshman!

They have a solid young core in Toronto now. Chris Bosh will surely help to nurture this kid and Jose Calderon will know when and where to give him the ball.

I really like DeRozen and I think he'll end up doing quite well. However, because this was Toronto's only pick and one laden with the infamous potential, I'm only going to say B here.

However, in three-four years this might jump an entire letter grade. I sure hope it does!

9) Good for you, Milwaukee. Moreover, good for you, Brandon Jennings!

Stop hatin' already. He did it, he actually did it.

He proved the hater's wrong. He went to Europe right out of high school and still went top-10. It's too bad Portland wasn't picking here because Brandon Jennings is a true Trailblazer! 

What an entrance he had in to MSG! Better late than never, right?

Another truly groundbreaking moment for Brandon Jennings. The first man to arrive late to the green room! 

I must admit that when I heard all the rumors leading up to the draft about him dropping it made me very sad. This was the last thing he needed: That many more haters; That many more people saying I told you so.

Granted, he is yet to step on an NBA floor, but he is now in the NBA. I think he's in a good position, too.

Jennings will probably begin by coming off the bench. But once he get's adjusted to the league, which won't take him long considering that fact that he's already a pro athlete, watch out NBA. 

About midway through the season I see Milwaukee going to a dynamic three-guard lineup with Sessions, Jennings, and Redd. Two super-smooth lefty's in the same back court, oh boy.

Shoot (pardon the pun), he almost reminds me of Kenny Anderson. Their jump shots look similarly busted (sorry, Brandon). 

This is a great situation for Jennings for it will allow him to create both on and off the ball. Coupled with the aforementioned players around him and the ever-improving Charlie Villanueva I think both he and Milwaukee will make some serious noise in the Eastern Conference next year.

I predict Jennings will easily average double figures and be all-NBA Rookie first team. In three-four years when he really starts to hit his stride I see him as another Gilbert Arenas-type.

He's got that same chip on his shoulder as Gilbert, always working to prove the haters wrong. He will definitely have a few all-star nods under his belt when it's all said and done.

If anyone knows how to take on a challenge and deal with adversity in this draft, it's Brandon Jennings. Although I understand how detrimental what he did is to the College game, I still commend him for it.

It took serious cojones. There's just something about number ten picks in the NBA draft whom people doubt.

Can you think of any names? I can.

Furthermore, their other pick at number forty one; Jodie Meeks from Kentucky, I think was a steal. Who better for Meeks to learn under than Michael Redd?

Their games could not be more similar. Wasn't Redd an underrated scond-round pick, as well?

I do think Meeks should have stayed at Kentucky. But that is a mute point now.

I think this is the best situation Meeks could have been in. Not only will he need to prove his worth and fight for his contract.

Which he will do, successfully. But he's in a great spot behind perhaps the perfect tutor with respect to his game.

Well done, Milwaukee. This is a tough one, I'll say B+.

10) I really like what New Jersey did, too. Although it's too bad that they decided to get rid of Vince Carter.

They made a great pick-up with Terrence Williams. This kid has improved exponentially all four years of College.

He literally does everything, a true point-forward. He might be the next Scottie Pippen.

Okay so maybe that's a bit of a reach right now, but his game is very in keeping with Scottie's. He's at least got a much better attitude than Scottie.

Didn't Rod Thorn draft Pippen as well? That guy knows what he's doing.

As does Rick Pitino, who just raves about this kid. If that's not evidence enough for you that he's a player, I don't know what is.

If not Pippen, at least Ronnie Brewer. And no homo, but T-Will's got a killer smile.

If anything that will take him very far in life. Coupled with Devin Harris and the newly acquired Courtney Lee, we might see another dynamic three-guard lineup in New Jersey next year as well.

I'm also going to go ahead and put T-Will on my 2010 all-rookie first team. He's a very talented kid who has the basketball IQ that only a four-year player could.

Something that nowadays is way too few and far between. Although this was New Jersey's only pick, they did very well here. I'm going to give them a B.

11) Charlotte had an all-around solid draft. If Larry Brown picked a Dukie, you know he must be a player.

Indeed, Gerald Henderson is a player. This super-athletic wing who improved exponentially between his freshman and junior years at Duke was definitely the best pick Charlotte could have made here.

Henderson's game reminds me of another fellow Duke alumnus, Dahntay Jones. He's done pretty well, eh? 

He will certainly bolster Charlotte's young nucleus. Henderson, a scratch golfer, will probably be giving MJ a run for his money on the court and links alike for the next few years to come.

Way to go Charlotte! Coupled with two second-round steals in Xavier's Derrick Brown and UAB's Robert Vaden, both of which will make the squad, Charlotte did well here. I'll say B/B+.

12) I like what Indiana did. You can never go wrong by going with proven winners.

That's exactly what they did by selecting UNC's Tyler Hansbrough with their first round pick and then grabbing UConn's AJ Price with their second. Both of these guys have proven time and time again that they can excel at the highest level the NCAA has to offer.

Granted, neither will probably ever be All-Stars. But Hansbrough will be a very solid NBA player for years to come.

He will be a decade-long starter in this league. Simply put, nobody has a motor like turbo. Or "Psycho-T," whatever you want to call him.

I like turbo better, it's much more in keeping with his game. AJ Price is definitely one that knows how to deal with adversity.

The adversity he will face in having to earn his contract is nothing he can't handle. Although not outstanding, Larry Bird and the Pacers did a nice job here. B

13) Phoenix definitely had an interesting draft day. I understand why they moved the Big Diesel/Aristotle/Daddy/Agave/Cactus/Shaqtus (how did you get so many Q's?) to Cleveland, it was purely economic.

Whatever, it is what it is. With respect to their draft pick's, however, I'm not quite as understanding.

The Earl Clark pick is solid. As you have probably already guessed I'm a big Terrence Williams fan, so I caught a lot of Louisville games this year.

I must say Earl Clark really, really impressed me, at times. Other times he seemed kind of lost in the shuffle.

Unsure of what to do and unaware of just how talented he is. Clark is very in keeping with the new hybrid 3/4 that has taken over the NBA recently. 

This silky lefty is basically a poor man's Chris Bosh, which is by now means a bad thing. Just as easily as I could see Clark reach a level similar to a Rudy Gay, Charlie Villaneuva, or dare I say, his future teammate Amar'e Stoudemire.

I could just as easily see him fizzle out and fade in to obscurity, it's all up to him. In regards to Phoenix's other two picks, both second-rounders, I have no idea what they were doing slash thinking.

Okay so yes it makes for a great story that both the Griffin brothers were drafted. But let's be serious, Taylor Griffin is not an NBA player.

He is a 6-7 power forward who did not even average double figures last year for Oklahoma. They might as well just ship him to the Clippers for future cash considerations so Blake has someone to room with and mentor him.

No disrespect to Taylor because I'm sure he's a great kid, but that's where he belongs and that's probably where he's going to end up after Phoenix cuts him. Don't even get me started on this other kid they drafted, not another Slovenian.

You're better than this Steve Kerr. If C- is passing, I'll give Phoenix a C.

14) Detroit also had a very interesting draft day. Considering Sheed might be gone very soon, it was definitely in their best interest to draft some bigs, and that's exactly what they did.

Gonzaga's Austin Daye is a very intriguing prospect with perhaps as much upside as anyone in this draft. I'm a big night owl.

Coupled with the fact that I watch a lot of ESPN, I've seen my fair share of Gonzaga games the past few years. Gotta love that midnight EST game right after SportsCenter!

At times Daye was Gonzaga's best player and at other times he seemed as if he had no idea where he was. Perhaps he was tripping on mushrooms with Josh Heytfelt.

I didn't just say that, did I? Indeed, I did.

Anyway, I do think Daye could have benefited from another year, or two, in college. Alas, this is now a mute point.

Nevertheless, this kid is EXTREMELY long and has uncanny versatility, especially for someone his size. He's definitely going to get pushed around his first few years in the league. But once he bumps his chest up and then starts bumping his chest a little more, I think he's going to be a real player.

You just can't teach the skill set he has. If Sheed stays in Detroit a bit longer, Daye could learn a lot from him.

Daye's game and frame strike me as very European, although he's every bit Californian. Like most European's he is a total hit or miss.

In keeping with Europe, I don't know anything about the Swedish kid they took in the second round. However, his dad played for Boeheim at Syracuse and his mom is, um, Swedish, can't hurt right?

Their other two second round picks I do know: Georgetown's DaJuan Summers and Arizona's Chase Budinger. Both of these guy's could have easily been taken in the first round and these guys will just as easily make the Detroit roster.

They are both very athletic wings who bring a lot of intangibles to the table. Although Detroit's draft is all contingent on the dreaded potential, they still did a pretty decent job. I'll say B-/B.

15) Chicago did okay. Like Daye, Chicago's number one pick James Johnson out of Wake Forest is another hit or miss prospect.

Moreover, he too strikes me as a bit of a tweener. Johnson has the size to go inside and the stroke to take it out.

However, I'm not yet convinced he will be able to do that on the Pro level. He's going to have trouble finding minutes amid all the similarly-styled players already filling Chicago's roster, so it will be interesting to see what happens with him.

If he can find his niche, he'll succeed. If not, he'll fade, further and further away.

I'm hoping, and leaning, towards the former. At best he could be the next Danny Granger, at worst he will be out of the NBA in three years. 

It's definitely a toss up. Chicago spent their other, and final, first round pick on USC's Taj Gibson. Although a much safer pick than Johnson he does not have nearly the upside.

Gibson is long and athletic with a tremendous low-post skill set. However, he appeared to hit a wall at USC, not improving like most thought he would after tremendous freshman and sophomore seasons, a la Maryland's Terrence Morris.

Yes, I just made a Terrence Morris reference. Chicago didn't do terribly, but they didn't really do that great, either. I'll say C+.

16) It's hard not to show bias here because Philly is my team. Honestly, they did a really solid job here.

Not only was Jrue Holiday the best player left on the board, he was a steal at 17. Moreover, they are in need of a point guard for the future with Andre Miller soon on the way out.

Surely, Holiday is very young and has a long way to go, but his upside is huge, as big as anyone's in this draft. Some experts even had him as a top-ten prospect.

What really strikes me about him is his defense. Not many kids his age and in this day in age are willing to play defense, especially with the tenacity Holiday does.

His size and on-ball defensive prowess are akin to Gary Payton. Alas, his offense is nowhere near The Glove's.

Someday though I believe Holiday will prove to be a very solid if not all-star caliber player. Well done, Philly. B+

17) Although originally picked by Minnesota, UNC's super star point guard Ty Lawson has now ended up in Denver. I could not think of a more perfect situation for him.

Being groomed by Chauncey Billups, not bad. Not only will Lawson prove a great spell for Billups next year, under his tutelage he will develop in to one of the NBA's better point guard's in about five years or so.

He might never be a star, but he will certainly end up a starter at some point during his long NBA career. Nice work Denver, B.

18) Atlanta didn't do so bad, either. Although not nearly as polished as Lawson, Wake Forest's Jeff Teague has much more upside.

This kid was only a sophomore last year and it seemed like nobody in the ACC could stay in front of him, including the super-quick Lawson. Teague is an aggressive scoring point guard who can still get his teammates involved, similar to Jason Terry, a former Hawk.

The only thing quicker than his release is his first step. Teague might actually start right away for Atlanta.

Coupled with the newly acquired Jamal Crawford this will make for a very exciting back court next year in Atlanta. I'm sorry, but I have no idea who they took with their second round pick, nor do I really care. Solid job Atlanta, B.

19) Utah did what Utah usually does, they played it safe. Jerry Sloan is old school, and VCU's Eric Maynor has an old school game.

Not particularly long or athletic, he just gets the job done. Moreover, he seems to do so with relative ease.

Maynor will provide a solid, and much needed backup for Deron Williams next year. Although not as well built, his game reminds me of one of my favorite former Sixers, Eric Snow.

If Maynor can prove to have the same staying power as Snow, this is a nice pickup for Utah. Michigan State's Goran Suton is another proven college player.

I don't think he'll have a problem making this team. When considering Suton think poor man's Mehmet Okur.

Did you watch the Final Four? Kid was money. Decent job Utah, B-.

20) CP3 meet DC2. This is your twin, albeit in much less talented form.

No disrespect to Darren Collison because I really like the kid's game, but he's no Chris Paul. Nevertheless, I like this pick.

Surely, CP3 is arguably the best point guard in the World. So why draft a player of such similar style?

Well, the World's best point guard has got to rest sometime, who better at this point in the draft to do that than Collison. There were definitely areas the Hornet's could have improved on more than point guard but I think this is a really good pick up for them.

Collision will improve exponentially under Paul. Akin to Ty Lawson's situation in Denver, I think in about five years or so Collison will find himself starting for some NBA team.

When I think Darren Collision I think Darrell Armstrong. Furthermore, I really like the acquisition of LSU's Marcus Thornton.

My dad is a Florida alumnus so I watch a lot of SEC games and this kid is simply a beast. Great size for a combo guard and just an absolute scorer.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he is the reigning SEC player of the year, no small feat. Considering how late Thornton was selected I like this pick-up even more than Collision. Nice work Nawlins, B.

21) The Blazers had an interesting day. I'm not too familiar with their number one pick, the Spaniard Victor Claver, but I've heard good things.

Hey, Pau Gasol; Ricky Rubio,  Spaniards are hot right now, why not?

I trust you're judgment Portland, I guess. As long as you keep it clean and don't turn into the Jailblazers again.

I'm much more familiar with their second round choices. Villanova's Dante Cunningham is a very good rebounder and improved each year he was there.

I think he was even the Big East's most improved player last year. Similar to Cunningham, Arizona State's Jeff Pendergraph is very in keeping with Portland's new-found blue collar mentality.

A solid rebounder, he will easily find a spot on this roster and will prove to be a solid NBA player for years to come. St. Mary's Patty Mills is very interesting.

I've noted that I caught a lot of west coast college games the past few years and I was fortunate enough to watch Mills play a few times. He is arguably the fastest player in this entire draft.

I think I even remember Dickie V pegging him as the best point guard in the nation at one point. I honestly do not know why he came out, but, again, this is a mute point.

He definitely has the speed and handle to play in the NBA, I just hope he is given the opportunity to prove it. I'd hate to see him fade into obscurity in some Australian pro league for the rest of his days. Only time will tell. Good job Portland, I'm going to give you a B. 

22) Thank goodness Dallas realized what was good for them and got rid of BJ Mullens. I must admit I don't know much about who they got in return: Rodrigue Beaubois, a super-athletic Frenchman.

I know of another 6-2 unknown French point guard drafted late in the first round who turned out alright. I'm not saying this kid is going to be the next Tony Parker.

But you never know. If his bio and highlight reel are any indication, he could turn out alright, too.

This kid would probably merit a C+ by himself but because they got rid of BJ Mullens to get him and they added a long, athletic, solid rebounder and defender in St. Joe's Ahmad Nivins late in the second round I'm going to bump them up to B-.

23) I understand why Cleveland acquired Shaq, they want to win now, right? So WTF are they doing with this pick?

There were so many other good players available. Granted I know nothing about this kid other than the fact that he played on the same club as Ricky Rubio.

The B team that is, not the A. This might even be a bigger waste of a pick than BJ Mullens. D+

24) Granted Boston did not have much to work with only owning the 58th pick overall, I like what they did with it. I've heard of Tennessee-Martin's Lester Hudson and apparently the kid can really play.

I believe he was one of the top-three scorer's in the nation last year and I've seen footage of the kid essentially jumping out the gym. I hope he makes the roster because he could add some real flair to the Boston lineup. C+

25) I really don't know what Miami is doing. They got rid of a terrific scorer in LSU's Marcus Thornton and then picked up the incredibly boring Robert Dozier of Memphis.

He never really got any bigger or any better in his four years there, the only two things he really ever had to do. It's not like he ever had to take the SATs, either. 

Yeah, I just said that. No soup for you! D+

26) San Antonio, I don't know how you do it. Granted only three second round picks they managed to select three solid future NBA players.

I can't believe Pitt's DaJuan Blair, a first team all- America and absolute beast, lasted as long as he did. He might be the best offensive rebounder in the NBA, right now, and he hasn't played a single game yet.

Miami's Jack McClinton is literally the spitting image of Eddie House. And this French kid they picked up is apparently very good. I read that he absolutely killed it at the Reebok Euro camp last summer and hey, at least he and Tony Parker can talk amongst themselves!

These three picks coupled with the Richard Jefferson acquisition might have one San Antonio the draft. I'm going to give them my only A.

27) Orlando, well done. No seriously, my compliments.

You managed to have no picks in the 2009 NBA Draft and still earn an A- in my book. Why, because you landed Vince Carter.

Not a bad replacement for the parting Hedo Turkoglu. After this pick-up I still don't think a Shaq-strapped Cavs will make it past them next year.

2010 Eastern Conference Champs! Did I mention I gave them an A-?

And the winner is...The San Antonio Spurs. With Brandon Jennings a close second for his grand, fashionably late entrance, alone.


    Warriors Step Up for Biggest Challenge Yet

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    Warriors Step Up for Biggest Challenge Yet

    Alec Nathan
    via Bleacher Report

    Report: CP3 Not Likely to Play in Game 7 with Hamstring Injury

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    Report: CP3 Not Likely to Play in Game 7 with Hamstring Injury

    Alec Nathan
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    Both Conf. Finals Reach Gm 7 for 1st Time Since 1979

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    Both Conf. Finals Reach Gm 7 for 1st Time Since 1979

    Kyle Newport
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    No Love for Gm 7 Doesn't Necessarily Mean Advantage Celtics

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    No Love for Gm 7 Doesn't Necessarily Mean Advantage Celtics

    NBC Sports Boston
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