Sports Figures Who Would Make Great Movie Villains

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Sports Figures Who Would Make Great Movie Villains

You hear the word “villain” thrown around a lot in sports.

He did performance-enhancing drugs; he’s a villain!

She is always mean to the fans; she’s a villain!

He’s super greedy; he’s a villain!

Frankly, I find this extremely insulting to the real villains of the world:

Lex Luthor. Darth Vader. That creepy little girl from Finding Nemo.

These people devote their entire lives to spreading evil across the planet. On the contrary, most sports “villains,” while highly unlikeable, are entirely harmless. And yet, a few names rise above the rest as villains who might be able to hold their own as true forces of evil.

This is not simply a list of the biggest villains in the sports world. This is a list of sports figures who would make great villains on the silver screen, where villains live the largest. These sports icons are so haunting, disturbing or detestable that it sometimes seems like a superhero is needed to take them down.

Transport yourself to the limitless world of your imagination, and picture the following men and women standing shoulder to shoulder with the most powerful forces of evil that Hollywood has to offer.

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