Yankees vs. Braves; Derek vs. Derek

Shinrai AquinoContributor IJune 26, 2009

Two Derek came face to face during the series finale between the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves last night at the Turner Field. But, who's having a good night sleep?

It's obvious to be the birthday boy, Captain Derek Jeter of the Yankees.

Jeter stayed strong throughout the four-hour game, hitting six out of the nine innings. Each inning he was at bat resulted to sure RBIs with some stolen bases. The Yankees' captain and short stop may not be able to hit a home run, but he made it to the home plate four times.

The other Derek in the game was the starting pitcher of the Atlanta Braves. But Derek Lowe was not doing so well. The same may be said of the Yankees' starting pitcher, Andy Pettitte, but Lowe allowed at least ten hits during the first four innings resulting to the Yankees' 6-1 against the Braves.

Derek Lowe also allowed two walks. And guess what? One of the Yanks who had a walk was Derek Jeter during the third inning. Maybe it was Lowe's birthday gift to Jeter before he left the mound an inning later.

It was a long night at the Turner Field, but only one Derek claimed victory. That Derek belonged to the New York Yankees.

An 11-7 win against the Braves might be a birthday gift, but one Jeter and his team worked for.

Happy Birthday, Captain Jeter!