NBA Lottery 2014: Complete Viewing Information, Odds and Draft Order Scenarios

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NBA Lottery 2014: Complete Viewing Information, Odds and Draft Order Scenarios
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On Tuesday night, the highly anticipated 2014 NBA draft lottery will determine the fates of the league's 14 teams that didn't earn a berth in this year's playoffs.

Plenty is at stake for these franchises, as each will be looking to acquire a coveted prospect who can either help them get over the hump and into the postseason or simply be a long-term cornerstone for a rebuilding team.

The Chicago Bulls tweeted out another big reason why Tuesday's lottery is extremely important:

All of this will be determined by how the ping-pong balls settle.

Be sure to catch the action, as this event plays a crucial role for every franchise in the upcoming NBA draft.

Let's break down the lottery's viewing information, odds of each team to acquire the No. 1 overall pick and scenarios that could take place depending on how things unfold.

2014 NBA Draft Lottery Viewing Information

When: Tuesday, May 20

Where: Times Square Studios in New York City

Time: 8 p.m. ET

Channel: ESPN

Live Stream: WatchESPN

Lottery Odds

2014 Draft Lottery Odds
Team Odds
1 Milwaukee Bucks 25.0%
2 Philadelphia 76ers 19.9%
3 Orlando Magic 15.6%
4 Utah Jazz 11.9%
5 Boston Celtics 8.8%
6 Los Angeles Lakers 6.3%
7 Sacramento Kings 3.6%
8 Detroit Pistons 3.5%
9 Cleveland Cavaliers 1.7%
10 New Orleans Pelicans 1.1%
11 Denver Nuggets 0.8%
12 New York Knicks 0.7%
13 Minnesota Timberwolves 0.6%
14 Phoenix Suns 0.5%

Draft Order Scenarios

As we know, the lottery will award the top three picks in this year's draft to three lucky teams. The remaining 11 teams will be given picks from No. 4 through No. 14 in inverse order of their regular-season records.

Adam Levitan of tweeted an interesting stat about this process:

That's when things get interesting.

Currently, the Detroit Pistons hold the No. 8 overall selection. Since this is a top-eight protected pick, the Pistons would convey it to the Charlotte Bobcats should a team jump past them into the top three, meaning this pick would slide outside of the top eight.

Even though the New Orleans Pelicans technically hold the No. 10 pick in this year's draft, it will most certainly go to the Philadelphia 76ers. The only way New Orleans can hold on to this pick is if the team somehow gets selected into the top three.

Perhaps this will help the Sixers' chances, courtesy of a tweet from Yahoo Sports:

There's a bit of a tricky scenario involving three teams for pick Nos. 11 and 12.

The Denver Nuggets hold the No. 11 selection and the New York Knicks hold the No. 12 pick at the moment. The Orlando Magic will be awarded the least favorable of these two selections.

It appears are though the Knicks will be giving up their pick unless the ping-pong balls fall in their favor.

Finally, we have an extreme long shot.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, at No. 13 overall, hold a top-13 protected pick. If the pick falls outside the top 13, it will be conveyed to the Phoenix Suns. The only possibility of that happening is if the Suns' No. 14 selection would happen to move into the top three.

If that happens, Phoenix would be wise to consider playing the Powerball.

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