Was WWE Diva Candice Michelle Fired Because She "Got Fat"?

Tim ListAnalyst IJune 26, 2009

It's an amazing story, one that may have serious ramifications for World Wrestling Entertainment—not the storyline-driven, "Donald Trump-owned" Monday Night Raw, but the real-life Vince McMahon-owned corporate conglomerate WWE.

Both www.wrestlingobserver.com and www.pwinsider.com have issued reports that WWE Diva/Playboy Cover Girl/Go Daddy Super Bowl Sex Kitten Candice Michelle was on borrowed time when she showed up at a television taping in LA and didn't look "Diva-like."

She told officials she was just about ready to return from her latest injury, but they gave very little leeway because she is a woman and there is a weight issue.

The impression on her was always that she wasn't someone with a naturally thin body, and that she had to work very hard to look the way she did, and when you get older, fighting those genetics gets much harder.

In a company where the women are primarily there for their looks, some felt she didn't have that look anymore, so they decided to let her go.

Candice still has a huge following, but the question then becomes what the criteria are to stay a WWE Diva. This is something that may have some legal ramifications should a lawsuit be filed.

There have been no reports that that is even something Candice is considering, but if the reports are true that she was fired for being too heavy, then she may just be thinking about a lawsuit.

Stunning pics of Candice at her absolute hottest are available HERE.