WWE Payback 2014: Full Predictions for Each Champion at Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2014

WWE Payback 2014: Full Predictions for Each Champion at Event

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The upcoming edition of Payback is going to provide us with a rare and exciting opportunity to see almost all the WWE's major championships on the line.

    Of course, the biggest question mark surrounds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with Daniel Bryan potentially having to surrender the belt before the event.

    Away from that field, both the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship look like being defended at the event, which is something of a rarity in this modern age.

    Bad News Barrett's momentum and subsequent push make it impossible to leave him off the pay-per-viewthe company even ran a series of matches on Monday Night Raw to determine who he will face at Payback.

    How will each champion fare at the event? Let's take a look.

Divas Champion: Paige

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    Credit: WWE.com

    After her solid enough win over Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules, Paige has since moved on to a new challenge.

    The resurgence of Alicia Fox has come from relatively nowhere, but she has made a great fist of things so far in her quest to take the belt away from Paige.

    She even managed to defeat the champion in her home country on Raw this weeksomething which came as a bit of a shock.

    It sets things up nicely for a match at Payback, but even with Fox's momentum of late, she should still come up short at the upcoming pay-per-view.

    Paige is doing a decent job as Divas champion, and the WWE is doing a decent job of booking her. Expect that to continue through Payback.

    Winner: Paige

Tag Team Champions: The Usos

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Usos have gone a bit stale recently and have been dragged into other rivalries rather than having a sustained one of their own.

    However, are they about to find new opponents from their alliance with John Cena? While he takes on Bray Wyatt at Payback in a singles match, could the tag team champions take on the other two members of The Wyatt Family?

    Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are both solid workers inside the ring and could really benefit from a match away from the Bray Wyatt spotlight.

    With the state of the tag division at the moment, a new set of champions wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

    Winners: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper 

United States Champion: Sheamus

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Very few people would have predicted that Sheamus would be the United States champion heading into Payback.

    However, he toppled Dean Ambrose in the recent Battle Royal match on Raw and ended what was a lengthy reign in some style.

    Ambrose hasn't even bothered to cash in his rematch clause, which is largely due to the fact he is tied up in The Shield's incredible rivalry with Evolution.

    That has allowed Sheamus to find a fresh challenger, and Cesaro looks like the man who will get the shot. His push has somewhat stalled over the last few weeks, and it is difficult to see him beating Sheamusat least in this instance.

    Perhaps they could keep going at it over the next couple of pay-per-view events, but this one looks like a win for the defending champion.

    Winner: Sheamus 

Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bad News Barrett is on a real roll at this moment in time, and his momentum has gone through the roof during the company's recent European tour.

    He seems to be nearing the peak of his powers of late and is becoming one of the top heels in the WWE at the moment.

    He is set to face Rob Van Dam at the upcoming Payback show, and this looks like one of the easiest predictions to make out of them all.

    It's impossible to see how Barrett could possibly drop the belt to a part-time star. In fact, the only reason Barrett should drop the championship is to move on to bigger and better challenges.

    Winner: Bad News Barrett 

WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    At the time of writing, Bryan is currently still in possession of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, that could all easily change before Payback rolls around.

    Bryan obviously isn't going to be wrestling at the event, so the WWE is faced with a straight choice—either they let Bryan hold the championship until he returns from injury, or they strip him of it to give someone else a shot.

    With the strength of the card at this moment in time, it is hard to believe the WWE would give the belt to a completely random star.

    Therefore, expect the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to not be defended at Payback this time around. Perhaps the company may run a matchor a tournamentto determine Bryan's next challenger, but the title won't be featured on the show.