Los Angeles Dodgers Players Destroy Children in Dodgeball

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 20, 2014

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Who wants to see grown men lay waste to a field of children with a volley of rubber balls?

Yep, it was dodgeball time in the city for Drew Butera and Dee Gordon. The two Los Angeles Dodgers were in New York on Monday when they took the business to a crowd of students from the Grace Church School.

The game was filmed for the MTV2 show Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave, according to TMZ. As you’ll see in the footage, Butera and Gordon were out to put kids in the dirt.

Both men caught throws, completing crucial two-man swings, though no one came from the sideline, leading me to believe this was a Dodgers-against-the-world scenario, and mercy be damned. Judging by Butera's play, you'd think the two men would be fed to the Rancor if they lost. 

The catcher snagged a ball out of the air and laced a kid in the torso, teaching him an important lesson about dodgeball and—ultimately—life. You've got to keep your hips honest and your head on a swivel if you want to make it in this world.

Gordon captioned this video "@drewbutera smashed on him lol."

That’s not the sound of bruising. That’s the meaty smack of a lesson learned.

For those unfamiliar with the sports-ish program, Off The Bat debuted in April with the stated objective of "merging baseball and pop culture."

According to Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports, the program is hosted by a medley of pop culture personalities, including rapper Fat Joe, model/actress Melanie Iglesias and MTV radio host Sway (who remains without answers). Each week involves baseball players from different teams coming in to share a bit of their off-the-field passions—which, in Gordon and Butera’s case, involves juicing hot rubber at the youth. 

The Dodgers play the New York Mets Tuesday night at 7:10 p.m. ET. Suffice it to say, their arms will be limber come game time.

Nothing loosens the rotator cuff like administering stern lessons in the five D’s


All is fair in love and dodgeball.