Premier League Meets Star Wars: The Jedi and Sith of the EPL Universe

Christopher Heathman@@CHeathmanCorrespondent IIMay 20, 2014

Premier League Meets Star Wars: The Jedi and Sith of the EPL Universe

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    Film is often dominated by a theme of good vs. evil. Some of the biggest film franchises of all time are based on precisely this.

    One of the oldest is Star Wars. In the Star Wars universe, it is Jedi vs. the Sith.

    In football there are teams and teams provoke tribalism. As a result, fans not only want to see their team beat another, but they get so emotionally involved, it becomes a battle between good and evil.

    There are strong and powerful minds in the Premier League, but from the perspective of many, they have embraced the Dark Side. On the other hand, there are many skillful footballers who have embraced the force and use it for good.

Jedi Master: Manuel Pellegrini

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    Do not be fooled by his sinister appearance. Manuel Pellegrini is one of the oldest and wisest Jedi Masters in the Premier League universe.

    Hailing from Chile, in the South America System, Pellegrini has travelled far and wide from his home to Argentina, Spain and now England to develop his knowledge of the force.

    His experiences and wisdom have only increased his power, not his ego. Instead, Pellegrini opts for diplomacy, preferring to be tactful and respectful. It is this trait which has helped when dealing with new players, who may not be as humble, and new foes, who choose to win at all costs.

    He is committed to moral ideals and building a football team to play the right way to the highest standards.

Jedi Knight: Vincent Kompany

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    Vincent Kompany is a leader who sets a fine example to others. He exercises humility in a universe polluted with arrogance and can be relied upon to step up and lead his team to victory.

    During the "Manchester Wars" in 2012, it was Kompany's goal against rival Manchester United during the battle of the Etihad in a 1-0 victory which brought the Premier League title within sight.

    He also scored the second against West Ham United on the final day of the war with Liverpool to secure victory and another Premier League crown.

Sith Lord: Darth Mourious

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    Darth Mourious, born under the name Jose Mourinho, has become known for his passion and manipulation, as well as his refusal to subscribe to the ideals of the "beautiful game."

    Despite training under Jedi Master Sir Bobby Robson, Mourious' desire to win at all costs, and perhaps fear of losing, drove the former Jedi in training to explore the dark side of the force. 

    He is powerful and has become very successful in his endeavours.

    His teams develop a determination and resilience with no real care for style so long as victory is still achieved. Mourious concentrates on the strength of defence in order to hold opponents at bay until a weakness presents itself.

    His most famous battles include clashes with Jedi Rafael Benitez of Liverpool and Jedi Master Pep Guardiola of Barcelona.

Sith Apprentice: Darth Hazardus

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    Eden Hazard's potential was obvious from an early age. The power he possesses was talked about through many galaxies and eventually he made his way to Chelsea.

    His mother Carine and father Thierry were also footballers, but neither showed the same skill as Hazard. Ahead of his second season in London, Mourinho arrived and soon Hazard was adopted as his new apprentice and became Darth Hazardus.

    His gifts made him perfect to lead Chelsea's attack. Against weaker opposition, Hazardus uses a flurry of attacks. He knows it is only a matter of time before their defence fails them.

    Darth Hazardus uses constant movement and attacks from different angles to create advantageous positions for himself before he strikes.

    His fancy tricks and flourishes may not be typical of a Sith, but they are equally devastating.

Jedi Master: Brendan Rodgers

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    Brendan Rodgers showed great patience and ambition in his training. He spent time travelling to Spain to study coaching methods and still possesses self-discipline as he continues to learn.

    He shows compassion and a great desire to help his players to adapt to his tactics. Rodgers' aim is to build a side to play the "beautiful game" the right way.

    His biggest conflict to date was at the "Battle of Anfield" when he came across a familiar face.

    Between the years 2004 and 2007, Rodgers served with Darth Mourious at Chelsea as youth manager and reserve manager. He did not, however, share the same views as Mourious.

    He lost their battle as Mourious' win-at-all-costs mentality and his team's impenetrable defence overcame the attacks of Liverpool.

Sith: Darth Luisu

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    It is not known who originally raised Luis Suarez to become Darth Luisu, but during his time in Holland and now England, it has been clear he is powerful in the ways of the force and the dark side.

    He is known for his manipulation of referees by conning them with dives, as well as other antics.

    Suarez is also very passionate, which gives him strength and focus, and he uses his own abilities to strike defences down, sometimes when they least expect it. His encounters with Norwich have shown on a number of occasions his power.

    When he bit Branislav Ivanovic, however, it proved he is accustomed to using dirty tricks to defeat enemies, as did his handball against Ghana in the World Cup quarter-final.

    Recently, though, under the guidance of Jedi Rodgers, Darth Luisu has shown the dark side does not still control him. There may be some good in him, still.

Jedi Master: Roberto Martinez

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    Roberto Martinez is the most humble and respectful of Jedi, who shares the same philosophy as Rodgers focused on possession and attacking football.

    His knowledge and wisdom served him well at Wigan Athletic as he masterminded a victory for his small contingent over the powerful Manchester City at Wembley.

    His first season at Everton has taken them to the brink of facing the European elite in the Champions League. However, his side ultimately fell short.

    There is, though, a bright future ahead of him.

Padawan Learner: Romelu Lukaku

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    His size and physique suggests Romelu Lukaku is much older than he is, but this Jedi in training still has much to learn in the ways of the force.

    Under Jedi Master Martinez, Lukaku developed his talents while stationed at Everton. He often attacked through the middle but was also utilised out wide and attacked from the wings, as well as working with his team-mates as an attack developed.

    The bond with Martinez has become stronger and his destiny seems to have shifted. It was once thought he would follow in the foot steps of Sith Lord Didier Drogba in training under Mourinho at Chelsea. 

    Clouded, his future now is.

Padawan Learner: Adnan Januzaj

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    The force is strong with this one. The clean-cut Padawan has shown great skill since emerging as part of Manchester United's senior squad.

    Adnan Januzaj has shown signs of great self-discipline. The power of Paris Saint-Germain was unable to lure him away from Old Trafford, despite their turmoil. He has also shown patience when not selected despite his performances.

    The future of his training has become more clear and will continue under the guidance of Louis van Gaal. 

    The combination of this eccentric new teacher and Januzaj's undoubted abilities could help bring balance to Manchester United.